Treating lows


I was just wondering what everyone else uses to treat lows. And, do you always give 15g?

We use fruit gushers when we are away from home. They are easy to stick in a meter case or a pocket. And, we usually use Gatorade when we are at home.

Riley hardly ever gets 15g carb unless he’s really, really low (30-40). He usually gets about 8g carbs and that brings him up pretty good.


We always do 15 carbs, wait 15 minutes and treat again, but when he goes low, he goes low, like 25-30. He likes danimals (that icky drinkable yogurt) and the trix yogurt, but if he’s got his jaw clenched I put some honey in his mouth.


Riley used to drink danimals too, but we found it took too long to bring his sugar up. Gatorade works best for him.


We are mini-juicy juice box crazy (14g each). My girl (six and diagnosed in August 2004, wears a MM 522 pump and will have a CGM soon enough) hates the glucose tablets and the juice works quick. I put a straw to her mouth in the night and she reaches with her lips to find the straw, then sucks it down. It is kind of funny to watch.

We will be traveling soon and the Fruit Gushers are a good idea. Will try that for the plane trip.


We always give a 4oz. 100% juice box. I don’t put them in the frig. because my daughter, Olivia, can suck them down pretty fast in the middle of the night when they are @ room temp. The fruit gushers are a great idea for daytime lows!


The fruit gushers work better for Riley than the regular fruit snacks. I guess because they have the liquid in the middle which I’m guessing is pretty much all sugar.


We do 3 fruit snacks (9g). These have always shot him straight up. For lows under 100 at night we give GoGurt (13g).


We use the mini-juice boxes as well. When we are out and about, she has keychains with orange glucose tablets with her, but at home, the juice boxes work well. 15 is usually too much for her, but the Cozmo pump figures out what she needs to get her up to 100, then boluses for the rest.


We keep different snacks at different locations.
In my daughter’s bedroom I have a pack of gummy-worms, they are ~3 gr each and easy to eat while half asleep.
In our car I have a snack box with a whole lot of pre-packaged foods and juice boxes. It comes handy to treat lows as well as to feed a hungry child :wink:
Then we have juices and fruit snacks everywhere too, so we are never without a quick fix.
We don’t always do 15gr, sometimes it’s less, if she is above 60 and we are to eat soon. And if she wants more then I let the pump cover the extra carbs.


8 is our magic number too! I try to use 100% fruit juice, since Maddison is not a fruit eater. (!!!) Otherwise we use glucose tablets, depending on the number of course.


Juicey juice boxes, skittles, or depending on how low she is and if she is dropping (based on how she feels) glucose tabs, various other candies that are leftover from parties, juice in the fridge, fruit snacks, yogurt, whatever appropriate that is on hand. No chocolate or milk based products if she is very low, but yes if she’s moderatly low and I want something to sustain her over night. Usually we do the 15 grams, but if she isn’t too low and is going to be eating soon sometimes we’ll skip or go light on the carbs.

I don’t like gushers, they are a mess! I dont’ know how you can carry them around without them getting all squished and messy. Ugh. Fruit chews yes, and my kids beg for gushers but they are such a sticky mess. I’m a mean mom.


Tony hates sweet drinks that aren’t diet-so he hates gatorade, regular soda, and juice-drives me nuts! I don’t know why he likes danimals, that stuff is nasty!


We used to use 15 carbs but since her ratio’s recently changed, we’ve been going between 8-13. We usually use a juice box and just don’t down the whole thing. One day she went low and was so tired, she wouldn’t even eat or drink…kept falling asleep. We put some piping gel (cakemate) on her tongue, and that boosted her enough to wake up. SCARY! But now we always carry that around in addition to her juice and glucogon.


We will typically give 2-4 glucose tabs followed by 4oz chocolate milk it works 90% of the time its works because the fat causes the sugar from the chocolate milk to stick with him. We also found an alternative to glucose tablets it is smarties their first ingredient is dextrose which if you look on the glucose tabs it is the same, we found the huge smarties at the candy store. Jared had a low tonight and we gave him 4 which is 10g he says they taste much better than glucose tabs.