Treating your Diabetes with Vitamins and/or Herbal Supplements

I was curious if anyone treats their Diabetes with Herbal Supplements? I asked my doctor about it and was told that some may treat Type 2 DIabetes, that the FDA has not approved anything for Type 1 Diabetes (don’t we always get the shorter end of the stick) and to NOT take them…the email had NOT capitalized just like that. I take Vitamin E everyday but that’s the only vitamin I take…what about you? Do you take anything that you can tell aids in the way you feel with your Diabetes?

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Vitamin D is supposed to help blood sugar, even for Type 1s. “New research indicates a good dose of Vitamin D can help protect you against diabetes. Researchers have found that low blood levels of Vitamin D interfere with the proper function of insulin-producing cells. Low Vitamin D levels also result in an increase in the risk of insulin resistance, even in otherwise healthy individuals. So consider stepping into the sunshine if you want to increase your own Vitamin D levels.” I grew up in England, not much sunshine there! I take 1000 IU daily in a soft capsule.

No I don’t like you said the drs told me tears ago that herbs and the like don’t help and way back in the 70’s my mom tried some herb med that was suppost to cure diabetes in Type 1’s I just wound up in the hospital after taking it and no insulin from a really high bs.

ALPH LIPOIC ACID. This is supposed to be a super antioxidant and it does seem to work. My girlfriend started taking it and she tells me her neuropathy is much, much improved and the “floaters” in her vision are gone. The cheap 100 mg walmart variety works just fine.twice a day. I take a light dose as a preventative measure, but be forwarned not to take it on an empty stomach. It is an acid and if I “dry hole” it it will light me up like a roman candle…worse than vinegar.

Hello Jennifer, I found this website to be very helpful. In regards to your question try this link

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Hello Jennifer:

I asked one of the mods last night where I could post this VERY question! 8 O

There are a cou[le schools of thought about vitamins. Not being regulated by the “FDA” in the way medications supposedly are scrutinized, has the potential of those vitamins we paid good money for not having nearly the concentration of what was “promised” to be within them, etc., etc.

What FORM of vitamin is best I wonder? Liquid? Capsule? Tablet? Is one better absorbed than another?

Which minerals, vitamins are potentially “dangerous” (harmful) using relatively small quantities???

Looking forward to seeing the latest research, views re: vitamins, minerals suppliments. had a progressive MD once upon a time, now… if they don;t offer sample packs, have a drug rep… the current one is not in the least remotely interested (:::frowning: