Are there certain vitamin deficiencies Type-1 diabetics are prone to? I already take Iron because I am thin and don’t eat a lot of red meat. But I am curious as to whether I should be taking anything else? Are there any supplements out there that can help assist with dealing with the disease?


I take “Mens One a Day” and calcium. I have read different things about b vitamin deficiencies but I have not started taking any. I will be interested to see if others write more about this because it is a really good question. Now I am going to have to research this!!

I just recently found out I’m double anemic. Iron deficient and B12 deficient. Apparently, the b12 thing is another autoimmune disease called pernicious anemia. So now I take Vitamin C (aids in the absorption of iron) and Iron supplements as well as b12 shots for the rest of my life. Call me a pincusion. LOL

The AACE recommends a daily multivitamin for diabetics (both types) with would healing issues, and additional micro nutrients/supplements as needed (such as Vit. C and A or zinc) depending on the person’s diet.

There don’t seem to be any outright recommendations that everyone take vitamins, but my endo has told me, “it can’t hurt.” I take “Men’s One a Day” as well.

Most of what you need you will likely get from your diet, as long as its “balanced.”

I take a vitamin that’s called Alphabetic… All other brands of vitamin make my tummy hurt… :{ :{

I think it’s fine to try different things, but, just be sure your doc knows what supplements you are taking.
In Prevention magazine they are always advertising a specific formula designed for diabetics, but I haven’t been able to find it in the stores.

Here’s a link to additional info on Benfotiamine and diabetes.

I take a generic “One-a-Day” vitamin. Like Kathy wrote, my docs know what I taking.

I take a multi-vitamin and calcium. I also take glucosamine.

I take them because I’m diabetic, but I don’t know of anything that says I NEED them because I’m diabetic. I started taking them as part of my general efforts to take care of my overall health, including my diabetes.

I have searched some, but not extensively, for information about supplements that are specific to helping diabetics and diabetes, and have found nothing. I’ve also found nothing when looking for vitamins or minerals that need to be supplemented because of diabetes. nada. zilch.

Hi Ashley and everyone…I wanted to reopen this discussion as I have been reading about a vitamin D difficiency and T1 link…a study done in Scandanavia somewhere I think, where T1 is supposedly more prevalent, as is less sunshine. Hmmmm…any thoughts?

Any thoughts on Alpha Lipoic Acid? I understand that it it used in Germany to counteract neuropathy but that you need to also take Biotin with it.