Tresiba Is it Still the Latest Insulin

Hi, I am taking Tresiba and have bee for a few years thanks to learning about it in this forum.

Is there any other newer insulin out there?


For baseline (not bolus)? I don’t think so.

Is tresiba working well for you ? What, if anything, would make it better?

The latest products aren’t necessarily the best for each person.

The best basal insulin (most flexibility) in my opinion is fast acting in pump. Have you tried that ?


not interested in a pump. was interested in any comments from others taking newer insulin since Tresiba. It is working but I am always interested in progressive and new insulins coming out moving forward and forward thinking.

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baseline, yes. that is all i use…just tresiba…thanks

As far as I know Tresiba is the latest basal insulin. I used Lantus for a couple months and my doctor switched my to Tresiba. I like it much better, no complaints.

Newer isn’t always better. And quite often, problems with some med only show up after a lot of people have used it. In that case, newer is worse.


As far as I know the only basal insulins are:
Basaglar (which is the same protein molecule as Lantus)
Toujeo (which is essentially concentrated Lantus)
(At least in the US)

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NPH can also be used as basal, with 2 injections per day, as was done in the early days. For some, the only affordable option. It does have slight peak, often timed to match meal or snack time.

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I forgot about that…

My insurance changed me to tresiba, best thing ever. Went from 2 shots a day to one. I think it works very well. Nancy50

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Prior to adopting the Tandem insulin pump, I had been on Tresiba since it came out. I’ve had tremendous luck with this compound. It’s action is longer than 24 hours, so by taken it once a day, you are getting some overlap. It worked great. I remember the old days in 2003-2004, when my Lantus would arrive in insulated boxes, sometimes warm, from Pharmacare. Every night I would have a low, just from the Lantus that I took only 2-3 hours earlier. So, I have great trust in Tresiba. There is nothing out there, new or old, that can be better, for what you need!

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I used Lantus 1x/day since I was diagnosed, about 10 years ago. With Lantus and Apidra I was able to achieve A1c in the levels of 5.6-6.5 since diagnosed. My latest A1C came 6.9, and my Endo suggested that I tried Tresiba for its longer-acting period. Lately I’ve had access to the Freestyle Libre and noted that my BG tended to spike nearing the mornings (I always take my basal when I wake up), so I thought it would be nice if Tresiba would avoid that spike.

I’m on my second vial of Tresiba and it does seem to last longer, and the night/morning spike apparently are no more. I’m not sure if the extra cost is worth it yet (I live in Brazil and insurance covers nothing here; Tresiba is 2x more expensive than Lantus), but will keep using it to see how my A1C reads the next time.

I use Tresiba, but have had success with Levemir and Lantus also as basals.
For me, I need to bolus in early morning for dawn phenomenon and “feet hit the floor” effects, no matter what basal I’m using.

Thank you!

Never heard about the feet to the floor effect before. Maybe that’s what I had with Lantus. Will have to dig in deeper.

It’s not super difficult to calibrate for it once you figure out what’s going on in your own situation.

Two threads to start:


A few months ago my insurance company said that I had to take Basaglar instead of Tresiba. I took Lantus for years, but I love Tresiba. I paid hundreds to continue to take Tresiba. Today I learned that my doctor convinced my insurance co to let me continue with Tresiba. I am so happy.

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I like Tresiba a lot. Second favorite basal is Levemir, but it requires more diligence with timing and only worked for me doing 2x/day. Least favorite is Lantus in part because of its method of activity.