Tried MSM for RA & Diabetes - side effects not what I expected

Hi all -

I had heard that MSM was good for joint pain (arthritis) and diabetes. So I said what the heck, I need all the help I can get since both are kicking my butt. :wink: Mind you the research I found did not specify rheumatoid arthritis, and I think it specified Type 2 diabetes.

From what I read there were no side effects–maybe a little tummy upset until your body gets adjust. Positive side effect would be hair and nail growth and clear skin—who could pass that up. :slightly_smiling_face:

O.k. well good thing I decided to wait to take my first dosage on the weekend, Saturday morning to be exact. LOL! I took exactly as directed (1/4 teaspoon) with a full glass of water and Vitamin C. But the side effect I got was way different than what I read.

I got a horrible case of the MUNCHIES!!! Like smoking Mary Jane MUNCHIES!!! I have never partaken of said plant, but I raided my fridge and kitchen closet all day long Saturday. That’s not me. I’m usually thirsty when my BG spikes but not eating. And I was thirsty too. You are supposed to drink alot of water with MSM and boy I did.

And my BG was still same in the 150s. I just thought it was funny though. I took it for two days, same results. Then I switched to one dosage at night instead of day, and I stayed up all night drinking water–I was like a cactus. BG was the same.

I know that you have to give it time, but still though, I can’t drink myself to death, and I surely can’t eat the way I was doing. Naughty, naughty. :grimacing:

It’s supposed to cleanse my liver…I guess mine was hungry?

MSM is not for me. I don’t know if Type 1/LADA are supposed to be able to use it since my doctor labeled me a Type 2…which I wonder about. :thinking: Am I really? I’m still trying to hold everything down with diet and exercise. BG creep throughout the day.

Does it even matter since they (the doctors) are adamant that I am T2?

The Main Stream Media is also not for me. Sorry, I couldn’t resist (no idea what MSM is in your context–I’ll Google later)
UPDATE: ah, a supplement.

I just googled MSM and came up with this:

MSM is an organic sulfur compound that is claimed to reduce pain and inflammation.”

I am not a fan of supplements. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, have your doctor run tests for autoimmunity such as a GAD65. Chances are you have been misdiagnosed as a T2.

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LOL! Too funny! :laughing::grin::smile: Love it!

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Willow4, you sound like my mom…I’m sure if she was here, she would have kicked my butt. :slightly_smiling_face: She’s probably trying to get St. Peter to do it right now.

Last time I asked my rheumy said he didn’t want to get involved :roll_eyes:, but he has an associate who likes to run tests, I’m not sure if she will be back for my next infusion, I’ll try to persuade her to run it. :wink: Even if I have to pay for it myself. They are checking my BG, my primary isn’t even doing that much.

MSM is one of the only supplements that has helped people I know that had rheumatoid arthritis. But the theory with why some people can take 1,000 mg a day and some need 8,000 mg is they think it can vary what amount it takes to raise your blood level enough. And it takes a certain amount of time for it to do that and work. I didn’t has RA, but I had a foot issue 4 podiatrists, 2 foot supports, surgery and 8 years later and MSM is what made me foot pain free. About 3-6 months later 8,000 mg a day with MSM. I took it for years and when I stopped still no pain.

James Coburn is the one that brought MSM to popularity because he was wheelchair bound and tried MSM and was able to get out of his wheelchair and make 3 movies before he died. He was not selling it or endorsing any product when he came out with his story. But it certainly won’t work for everyone! And some people don’t want to take the quantity that might be needed.

This gives you the basic story

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Ditch the primary and get one who is smarter and more on top of things. Getting the right treatment at the right time does depend upon the right diagnosis.

Marie, yes I had heard such good things about it that was the reason I wanted to try it. Based on my research it wasn’t supposed to interact with any of my meds. James Coburn had severe RA.

But I now I know how my mom felt when she ate an entire bundt cake she had just bake except 2 slices which went to my dad and me. :slight_smile: that was just before she was diagnosed.

My weakness is fried foods, crackers, rice, etc… That Saturday I was craving sweets like crazy, and chugged coffee with creamer and cinnamon because I didn’t have any sweets in the house. The Sunday I ate a container 6 oz sesame sticks. :flushed:

This week I’m back to normal eating my sausage and broccoli, making my taco meat salad. :blush: My BGs are bouncy but no cravings.

Maybe 1/4 teaspoon is too much but that’s what the directions and the videos say to start and work your way up. I may try this weekend with an even smaller amount

People react differently to all sorts of things. I would not want anything that would cause me to be hungry lol!!!

I just know it was amazing stuff, one of our best sellers. When I first tried it, it “didn’t work” and I stopped taking it. But then we kept having tons of customers coming in and saying how wonderful it was and we got in a book in that said if it wasn’t working you weren’t taking enough. I figured all these people liking it there must be a reason.
So I tried again and was delighted,

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I agree Marie. I’ve had cravings with my cycle (usually something salty), but this was bad and nothing I had experienced before.

I’m glad it worked for you, now I can say that I have confirmation from someone I know.


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I take glucosamine and hyaluronic acid and one of the g supps had msm but my current one doesn’t. I had stopped them for a while and started again and my overall joint pain and pain is improved again so I will stay in them. I don’t think it had a effect on bg but vit d does seem to lower my bg.I am taking 10,000 iu per day now due to vit d dropping a lot.

I am starving lately too , even more, but I have felt that way since insulin.


meee, I take Biotin and it helps a little to control my BG, reduces my BG numbers by 10 points. I can see a difference in my BG if I skip a dosage. I take 5,000 mcg. If I push it to 10,000 mcg I’ll have an acne breakout.

I take 10,000 mcg Vitamin D for my RA because it is extremely low due to the RA.

My mom took glucosamine for a while and then she didn’t see a difference.

My CRP and Sed rate is constantly high and I’m maxed out with my Remicade dosage which I take monthly, plus I’m on a maintenance dosage (5 mg) of prednisone daily, Plaquenil 2x daily but my inflammation is not moving.

The pain I can tolerate, it’s the fatigue (feeling like I have the flu 24/7), and truthfully I can’t tell whether the fatigue is from my diabetes, my RA, or my fibromyalgia.

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So sorry you are going through this in addition to D😿 I hope something will help you eventually. I keep hoping we will get better treatments for everything to make our lives easier because it is such a huge burden even trying to have a life with all of this. I am also suffering from fatigue, I think there are multiple issues but diabetes is the worst for me.

I was taking biotin, maybe I will try it again. I was trying to cut down in supps when my reflux became very severe last summer. I had to add probiotics back even though they give me the runs worse,:joy_cat::flushed: they help my gerds. Maybe take more vit D? Vit b12 seems to give me more energy.

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Yes meee, I have received suggestions to take Vitamin B12 for more energy, and to get it in liquid form…so it will work faster. I need to visit the vitamin store to get a bottle.

I agree with you…right now I need the energy. I think I’m going to shelve the MSM for now and try some Vitamin B12.

I try to get as much vitamins/minerals as I can from my food. I do all my cooking and food prep on the weekend for a week’s worth (portion control and budgeting).

I’ve tried intermittent fasting which has given me good BGs on occasion, but because I have to take evening meds it is kind of hard to do on a regular basis.

It is really hard to find a way to make our lives easier for the long-term. :pensive:

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I hope the b12 will help, don’t worry if it goes high, mine goes very high when I supplement but hematologist said it is ok. I just started it again too. I think the vit d is giving me energy too maybe. I would like a vacay from all of this, a perm one😹

The problem with food for me is I don’t think I am absorbing things properly due to a lot of digestive issues. But it is only certain vit that are low, as far as I know, such as D and no one has any answers because they have no clue prolly. I know from tests I am excreting high levels of calcium but again no answers and no one cares. They mostly just want to push dangerous osteoporosis drugs on me.


Oh yes, wouldn’t be nice to have a vacay and step away…that would be nice.

Thanks meee for letting me know about the Vitamin B12 so I won’t be shocked. :smile:

The Vit D used to make me feel good, but not anymore. I can’t tell that I take it.

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Yep :joy_cat:

Maybe we build up a tolerance over time. Maybe higher doses?

It’s possible. My rheumy used to check me once a year for my Vit D levels, I’m not sure if he still does or not…he draws so much blood. Eeeek! I know he had to bump me up one time to take more so it’s may be possible.

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Well ask first but I would test again and bump it up.

Yeah it’s probably time to test again, they didn’t draw blood last month. LOL!