Trigger Finger? Yikes!

Ihad carp /tinel left and right hand ,also trigger finger in 2 fingers in left hand .
had the opp and never looked back, i found Cortazone jabs not worth the pain.

This condition seems to be hereditary in our family…oddly enough, the non-diabetics seem to get it. I had it one summer and I went to a specialist. There was a sports medicine guy touring the clinic. He gave me some arm and back exercises to do and the problem went away. I still do those exercises every morning and no problem. When texting arrived, I decided to avoid it because I didn’t want my thumb sticking down on my palm again.

Can you tell me what technique your chiro used and who you went to? I have been dealing with trigger fingers on both hands. I had surgery finally on 2 fingers and my thumb on my left hand. Even with hand therapy, I still have a lot of stiffness and pain (in 2 fingers) in my left hand. I am reluctant to get the surgery on my right hand where I have 2 trigger fingers.

Any NEW treatments re: trigger finger these days???? Been several years since the topic was raised... anything new evolving???

Thought Id see if there was new research, experience(s) about this topic too?

Bing... thought I'd revive this thread a bit, see if there is new thinking on the topic

Just piping in to say I had this in multiple fingers over around five years. It came, hung around, and eventually resolved with no treatment. I have no trigger finger at all now after 40 yrs T1d. Seems most people do really well with surgery, but also just wanted to put this out there so people know that maybe just occasionally, it completely clears up.