Happy New Year!

Have decided to make a change after about 6 months on Victoza. I tried the highest dose, went down to lowest then middle dose. While it helped to lower my A1C and lessen appetite and I have lost weight, I don’t like the overall side effects and am concerned about long term effects. Tired, food doesn’t taste good, food sits in stomach for days, just feel off. Nails are wrinkled some strange skin rashes.

So Trulicity is being called in. Once per week and hoping the A1C will stay down. Currently at 6.7% lowest for me in over a decade. I also take Tresiba 11 units at night. Went up from 10 to get fasting number a bit lower. In 90s now on fasting.

My new ENDO says all of her patients are using Trulicity with insulin except 2 on Victoza…I have decided to join the Trulicity group for now. Still diet and exercise and go to gym about 5 days per week. Keeping carbs to about 20ish per meal. Stay below 30 carbs per meal about 95% of the time…

Wondering if others have input and/or insight on this post.

I have no experience with Trulicity but I congratulate you for trying something different when you didn’t like the Victoza side effects. I hope the Tresiba/Trulicity treatment combination works well for you.

Thanks, Terry! I am hopeful. I feel it is good to keep trying different strategies. Tresiba is definitely helping and will send a post later on Trulicity…