Trouble Downloading Dexcom Data

Hi TuD,

I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced the problem I’m currently having with my Dexcom. I’ve spent a number of hours on the phone with tech support and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution in sight.

I’m trying to download my data from the receiver to my computer using Dexcom’s DM3 software. The software won’t recognize my receiver. It forever gives a status of “no receiver connected”.

So far, I have tried the following:

Downloading the latest version of the DM3 software
Updating the drivers to the 5.4 version
Rolling back the drivers to the 4.4 version
Using different USB ports
Using a different computer that’s running XP
Reverting to SP2 on XP

My computer is recognizing that a device is plugged in, so I’m thinking that the cable and everything is fine, but I’m about at my wits end as to why the software can’t find the receiver.

Help? Anybody? I just want to download my info to take along to the endo ;(