Trouble getting doc's offices getting paperwork / prescrip to insurance, or is it just me?

I am having trouble getting my new endo to get a prescription over to my insurance, which the DexCom rep tells me approves the devices so reliably, he can hand me one as soon as he gets the paperwork from my endo’s office.

I saw my endo a month ago telling him that I wanted one of these hence my visit. He told me that he had 0 patients who had one without a pump (I am pumpless), yet, it’s about 6 weeks later, the rep had one of these installed on me in the doc’s office to train their staff on its use, a YEAR ago. In hoping to see various models of this device that hooks to me, for pete’s sake, that office wouldn’t get the devices in their office to show me, saying I could just show up on the dates when they were hooking one up to other patients to see the device. I should "look it up online."

So I switched offices. Called the rep on my own, got him there to put one on me. It’s 3 weeks later and I still don’t have a device, and haven’t heard from my doc’s office about getting my paperwork and the prescription to the device rep.

I don’t get it. Deals with the device manufacturers? Payoffs?

I don’t know why it is like pulling teeth for me to get this device to help me manage MY health better! Can I name names re which endos I’ve been seeing, here?

I have felt so exasperated that I keep trying to get one of these devices, and, from the sounds of it and lack thereof, depending, it sounds like these endos’ offices could well be tied to the manufacturers, rather than tied to their patients, regarding fairness and good care.

This happened to me, but i think it was a failure to operate a FAX machine properly. I ended up scanning the docs and emailing them to the rep at Edgepark.

My primary also did not understand why I needed the devices and gave me a 35% chance of getting both a omnipod and a dexcom… But he signed the medical necessity forms anyway, Crazy!

FIRE YOUR DOCTOR and go get one that understands why you need what you are asking for!!!

Great idea, thanks!!

But, these two are, like, highly acclaimed, both by some on yelp and by two other doctors – I’m just at a loss about how to FIND an actually concerned about their patients good one. I am in Chicago, in case you have anyone you know of, especially if close to downtown.

My 1st one was great, as a doc, but it was her ornery assistant / evil woman. I went to that office one day asking in advance to see the devices that’s it. I get there and they start running tests on me, I ask why, and the evil assistant notes they are JDF (or whatever it is) affiliated and won’t lose that! Like that’s my concern?

I was there ONLY to look at devices, yet went ahead with her battery of tests, leaving TWO HOURS later, not having seen even one device. I was livid. And I began searching. Now I have this, refusal to hand over my records + a prescription.

I actually need another prescription, but am afraid to start the process with this ridiculous office. sigh

Unfortunately, it is not just you - your story sounds similar to what happened to me. Last year, I wanted to get a Navigator. I gave my doctor the paperwork and they actually did fax it to Abbott. I got into a glitch with the supply company not wanting to send it to my insurance because they said my insurance would not pay for it. It obviously had to be submitted for my insurance company to deny it and if it was denied, I could appeal that. I called my insurance company to find out what I should do. They said to have my doctor’s office put the authorization thru. I called my doctor’s office and gave them specific instructions on how to do that.

I waited a couple weeks and had not heard anything so I called my doctor’s office. The receptionist talked to the nurse & told me that the nurse said they put it thru and it was denied. I said that they usually send a letter when things are denied and I didn’t get anything. The receptionist said they did not have a letter either. I called my insurance company and found out no one from the doctor’s office had called. I then called the doctor’s office back. The next day, the nurse calls me back and swore that she called my insurance that day and things were in the works. I waited a week and then called my insurance company again - again, I was told my doctor’s office had not contacted them.

This little game went on for several weeks. One morning, I passed out from low BS and ended up with a bloody nose & black eye. Finally, I called and asked to make an appointment so I could talk to the doctor about what needed to be done to get this thru because I had a black eye because of passing out and needed to get this done. About a week later, I saw the doctor. While I was in the waiting room, the receptionist told me that she & the nurse had called my insurance company to find out exactly what needed done. I had been telling them for over a month exactly what they needed to do and they had not done it. When the doctor came into the exam room, she tried to say it was my insurance giving them the runaround. I knew that was not the case but kept my mouth shut because I wanted the paperwork submitted. I was able to get the Navigator but it took from July until Nov because of the stupid doctor’s office!

In March, I wanted to submit the paperwork to get a Dexcom. The guy at Dexcom told me that it would be faster if I could get the doctor to sign it and just take it with me to send to them as opposed to waiting on the doctor to sign the form and sending it to them. I had an appointment with my doctor, he signed it, made a copy & I left with the signed form in hand.

Now I am going thru the same mess trying to get a pump. All these years, every doctor I had pushed a pump on me and now that I am ready for one, I can’t get the freaking paperwork signed!

If you can, I would make another appointment with your doctor & take the form in with you.

One thing that has worked for me is to take the copy and scan it and email it, then wait on the phone until they get it and they need to reply that they got it. This is the ONLY way to roll here, Fax machines are dead and there is absolutely 0 accountability on either end…