Still waiting on my Dexcom. :-(

Well, it appears I jumped the gun a little bit in joining this group. Through a comedy of errors, I still don't have my Dexcom. :-(

I originally was contacted by Dexcom two weeks ago with the good news that my insurance company had approved me for the Dexcom and everything was good to go. I was out in California on a business trip, but I was assured that I would be contacted soon with the follow on information from the equipment company that Dexcom uses.

I was never contacted and returned home the next week. I finally contacted Dexcom upon my return and they were surprised that I had not received my unit yet. It took them two days, but they were finally able to track down the culprit. Although approved by my Insurance, they required a formal prescription from my endo. They were waiting on a return fax from my endo. I immediately called the office and got them to expedite the paperwork completed and faxed back. I was again told that I should expect a follow up call within a few days.

I waited a few days and once again, nothing. I called Dexcom again last Friday and once again they didn't know what was happening. All the paperwork had been completed on their end. I did receive a phone call within ten minutes from the equipment company and was told that the second prescription my endo faxed to them was digitally signed and the insurance company would not accept it. They had faxed another request to my endo and explained the situation, but of course this was after 4pm on the East Coast and their office had closed for the week.

I followed up with my endo this morning and wanted to make sure everything was being taken care of. It turns out that my endo had a family emergency over the weekend and had to leave the country. Her office is going to try and contact her and see if she can sign a faxed document from where she is, but I may have to wait until she returns sometime next week.

Although I'm having all these problems, I have to say that it's still going easier than I anticipated. Being a type 2, I was told that I should expect to have to fight with my insurance company to have the Dexcom covered. It turns out that was the least of my worries, but at least I know it's coming.