Trouble with infusion sets

ive been on the ping pump for almost 6 months now…ive had soo much trouble with infusion sets i am now on the steel inset…for some reason my infusion sets gets kinked and i wasnt receiving any insulin,the other day after i changed my set i checked my sigar and it was 5oo and ketones were small seems like the canual was bent after it went in anyone else have similar problems with the animimas insets? i sure hope this infusion set works…

I started on the Ping back in September and had problems off and on with the Inset straight cannulas kinking. I’d change my set and my numbers would immediately start to rise. I’d change the set and sure enough it was bent over.

I just recently started looking at steel infusion sets and have made the switch. I tried the Contact Detach and unfortunately, I reacted to both the adhesive as well as the steel cannula. When I pulled the set, the cannula spot was red, itchy and swollen. The adhesive was red and itchy underneath. Animas says that the adhesive used on the two sets are the same, but I never had an issue with the Insets. I’ve retried the Contact Detach on three or four different occasions and always had the same reactions.

Now, I’m using the Orbit Micro and haven’t had any problems. I wish the profile wasn’t so high, but I don’t feel the steel, no reaction to it or the adhesive and I love the blue tubing and the rotation. The only other thing I don’t like is that I was told by a manufacturing rep for the Orbit that I shouldn’t use a lithium battery in my pump because it can cause problems with the Orbit and delivery. If you’ve ever tried an alkaline battery in your Ping, it doesn’t last any time at all. Right now, I’m using a lithium battery and an Orbit set and I’ll see if I have a problem. Others here have indicated that they have used the lithium battery without a problem.

Also, someone has also suggested the Accu-Chek Rapid D and said it has a low profile and is comfortable. I’ll probably ask my supplier to send me some of those to try as well. Good luck in your search for alternative infusion sets. Please let me know feedback on what you try. Thanks.

I use the Inset II with my pump and in the beginning I had a few that were kinked. For me it was pretty much the technique for insertion. I almost never get a kink these days. But unfortunately I can’t really give you explicit instructions on insertion. It’s a bit of being deliberate, holding the inserter very firmly against your skin and not flinching when you press the sides on insert. I also somehow lean against the inserter as well. I use the 9mm ones (I think that’s the measurement).

I’ve also used the Cleo 90 which has a manual inserter. A bit more daunting (for a needle phobic). No kinks with those. It’s my goal this year to try a completely manual insertion. Got to work up to that one. Yeah, people do it every day, I know.

Is there someone who can check your technique? Of course, the steel ones would kink a whole lot less. If you’re happy with those, then great. I haven’t tried them yet.

I use the Rapid D (AccuCheck) steel inset. I always had trouble with kinked or blocked infusion sets (after 24-36 hours). The steel insets give me the 2-3 days I like to have. The Rapid D has an extremely low profile. I’ve used these sets for the last 7 or 8 years.

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See, I knew you had mentioned them before. I am going to try them. The contact detach gave me a reaction like there is nickel in the set, but they swear not. My doc says he would bet there is based on the reaction. And, to top it off, I haven’t reacted to the steel in the Orbit at all.

Not sure, but you may be able to call them and order just one or two to test out. I found the the soft cannlas gave me trouble when I sat a lot. I work at a desk all day. 'nuf said. Good luck

Hi mary ann I just read your article and the same thing happened to me I am using the contact detach and it works great.

Good luck

I’ve never had kinking problems, thank goodness. But my friend had a lot of problems with the Insets, she switched to the Inset30s which is the 30 degree angled set, & now no kinking, seems the angled set might kink less. Have you tried the Inset30?

The reason that the inset 30 kinked on me is because of low fat I have very little fat and when I would insert the inset it would kink because it would hit my muscle. My insulin goes through my muscles so there fore it goes through really fast and beings me down to a horrible low I had a low at 20 I thought I was dying…So I have to use the steel set…Have a nice evening

so far so good with the contact detach…

not yet so far the contact detach is working finee!

Great…have a good night