I recently switched from a Minimed to an Animas Ping, and with that change I also changed infusion sets. I used to use Quick-sets, and had no issues. I changed to Insets, and I am having some problems. I am using the same cannula length as usual (9mm), however, with the Insets I’m experiencing a lot more pain when I insert the set. Also, EVERY time I’ve taken one out, I’ve bled. This was rarely an occurrence with the Quick-sets.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m getting very frustrated with the pain and bleeding!

I’m using the ping and for the insets, tried all. But I like the inset (6mm) and the Cleo 90 (6mm) the best for daily but when working out I use the inset 30 ( angled set )

The 9mm was to long for my lean body.That gave me the same problems you have now.

Change to the 6mm try that it worked for me.

let me no

I also switched from MM to animimas and quicksets to insets–I had lots of problems with quicksets, but have had no problems with the insets–I use both 9mm (belly) and 6mm for arms and thighs

Knocking on wood–but I have not had a bleeder yet with the insets–the insert seems more gentle to me

Really? The inserts seem MUCH harsher than my Quick-set insertion device! Hmmm. Maybe I will ask for some 6mm sets next time I order supplies, to try them out. I’ve got a nice layer of fat (ugh) on me in my typical insertion spots, so it’s not that I’m too lean…but EVERY time it hurts, and when I take them out I bleed and even have a tiny amount of blood in the cannula. Not good!

maybe you got a very gentle quick-set inserter–I tried three–all about the same and much worse for me than the insets

If you call and ask they will send you a couple to try

I never liked the MM insertion devices. Remind me too much of the guillotine finger pricker (from the late 80s).

I did experience what your going through with quick sets and it turned out to be build up / scar tissue. according to MM. Does this happen all the way around to above your hips (waist)?

Im using the 6mm mio with no issues around my waist now. I think its a thinner cannula - other than that its the same as the quick set. That Clwo 90 looks fantastic. Maybe give that a shoot in 6mm. Good luck!

Ive been having issues with Inset’s since I started. Im not sure why, to be honest. It might be because the inserter is a bit too powerful, it might be the location. I have found that the area about three inches on either side of my belly button is just not a good site for me. It hurts like hell and bleeds like hell about 99% of the time. Pay attention to good locations on your body, make sure you are not going in at too deep of an angle if using the inset 30’s, and maybe try the 6mm/13mm angled. Pull the guide needle out straight.

I’ve also just recently changed to the ping from the Cozmo… still going through a learning curve with the ping (really liked the Cozmo)…but I’m having the same issue with the insets…so I’ve gone back to the Quick-sets, they just seems easier to insert, less pain and all that.

I use the 6mm size… thinking of trying the angled ones as I’ve heard they are a little less painfull when your on the leaner side.

I am having problems in the same area as you! And this was a good spot for me with the Quick-sets, so I’m not sure why it’s so bad with Insets. My hips were always really good with Quick-sets too, and now with the Insets it still doesn’t hurt but always bleeds after I take the set out.

I’m thinking of going back to the Quick-sets. The pain and bleeding with the Insets is just past ridiculous now.

Kari, can you mix and match sets like that?

My daughter switched from the inset 6mm to the Cleo 90 6mm. She likes the tubing better and canulla better - not a single kink yet whereas this was a problem with the Inset. Found we’ve had to use SkinTac on her skin before putting on the set to be sure it stays stuck on but it’s easy to use.

I have mixed them without any problems…I had a surplus of Quick-Sets left when I switched pumps and when the insets started to give me grief, I saw that they connected the same way so I tried and they work fine. The learning curve with the new Pump is bad enough, I’m glad I don’t have to go through a bunch of new insets to deliver the insulin.

yea, I started off good with my belly area, but it has developed into an area that just is uncomfortable to use. I made sure I rotated and everything. I have had some luck with the 6mm steel sets, but we will see. I just hate changing the set every day, as it gets expensive.

I will have to request new Quick-Sets from Animas. The old ones I had were for a Paradigm…meaning they weren’t Luer Lock compatible. But I do know Animas offers Quick-sets in the 43" tubing…

we tried the cleo, but even with skin tac it just fell off after 3 hours. Do you not have this problem at all? Otherwise I really liked the cleo even though I had to get luer lock resevoirs for my son’s paradigm pump.

On a side note, I used a site on my lower back (think love-handles) yesterday and that DIDN’T hurt. Go figure…

I can’t just use this one site though!

I had been using and still have two boxes of the MM eqivalent of the inset, the Mio and have had a bleeder and had to throw out at least three that came out of the insertion device. I went back to the QS and plan to use Sils now.