Trouble with Kwikpen Pushers - Sticking, Inaccurate Dosing

Anyone else had issues with the insulin pen (in my case Kwikpen for Humalog) getting stuck or causing inaccurate dosing? I just started a new pen a few days ago and when I inject myself, it sticks at the 1 or 2 unit marker and won’t go any further. I’m finding myself thinking I injected 8 units when in reality I may have only done 6. Or the opposite where I think only 6 went in so I inject again with two units and over compensate. My numbers (and me) are suffering. Should I just throw this one away and start a new one to be safe?


always wonder if the pen would do stuff like that… i’ll stick to my needles until the day i get a pump.(which will be forever from now)

Can you take a defective pen back to the pharmacy? I used to put up with defective products, but lately I return anything that doesn’t perform as advertised. More importantly, it would let the manufacturer know of any possible issues.

I can't stand the Lilly pens. The previous Humalog pen had an incredibly inaccurate throw, and the new KwikPen is hardly any better. I wish I could get the old stainless-steel refillable Novo pen. Those were EXACT, with a ratchet that clicked down on delivery and the small vials that pumped out way more easily.

I use the Lantus Solastar, and it is way better, as another plastic pen design. It's got the ratchet on the piston, and doesn't fill with air like the Lilly pens always do.

I basically waste about 20% of my Humalog priming the KwikPen all the time.

The day I went off the Lantus Opticlick was one of the great days of my diabetes life. I pump now but really liked the Lilly 1/2 unit pen with replaceable cartridges. It wasn't great for a single 1/2 unit but was very reliable for everything else.


I use the 1/2 unit pen too and it is perfect for me in terms of dosing. However I've used the Kwikpen too and have not had trouble with it. I suggest you return it as defective if it's not working right.

I had the same issue with the novo pens, I tried using new pens multiple times, and threw away quite a few in the process. I gave up all together after a few months, and have been using syriges ever since. I find it is simply the only way to get the most accurate dose, and I like to be 100% in control of that. It really is no more inconvenient to carry around a syringe and vial, than it is to carry around a pen. I know that sounds strange, but all I do is use the pen cartrige vials (they are smaller, less bulky) and grab two syringes, before I go out. I end up using some syringes twice on occasion, but that does not really bother me.

I have noticed them sticking on the first injection of a new pen. I just anticipate it and hold it a bit more carefully while I push. As for the end of the injection, I usually push the plunger all the way home and hold it there for about 5 seconds, to make sure I get my full dose.