Humalog Pens

I’ve been on Humalog for around six years. I used to be on syringes, then I used it during my pump phase, and now I’m using the kwikpens. My question is: When using the KwikPen, do you notice that some insulin drips out of the needle after injecting?

I inject and even leave the needle in my skin for about ten seconds to make sure all the insulin comes out, but no matter what, every time I take the needle out, maybe a unit of Humalog seeps out the needle and spills down the side of the pen.

Now, what I’m worried about is, if it’s seeping out after I inject, does that mean that I haven’t received my full dosage or am I freaking out about nothing?

Does anyone else who uses the pens experience this?

I’ve experienced the same drip at times. By chance are you using a brand of pen needles other than BD? I use Click Fine needles, commonly sold as the pharmacy’s “house brand”, and have discovered that if I attach the needle with a twisting motion as if it had threads and turn until just tight that I rarely get drips after injection.

I’ve also noticed this on my Novolog pen. I think just leaving it in a few seconds should make sure it all goes in but I’m just guessing.