Trulicity side affects

I have been taking trulicity for about 1 year now. I haven’t had many side affects other than some body temp regulating (get really cold easily). For the past 5-6 months I have been having increased anxiety that is getting steadily worse. I am starting to wonder if some of it is a medication side effect. I have been prone to anxiety since my early 20s but had gotten much better at managing it and rarely had anxiety attacks and was able to “calm it down” or “turn it off”. I’m jumping at the slightest abrupt sound and feel edgy. It’s like anxiety just started from step one all over. Has anyone else felt edgy or jumpy or had increased anxiety while taking trulicity?
Thank you

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I’ve never taken it, but when I brought my sugars in line about 25 years ago, I started using a portable meter 4-5 times a day.
So my average glucose dropped from 180s to the 90s. I never let it get that low before because I was afraid of lows. I was on nph which was a roller coaster at best.

Anyway when I did finally get it controlled I felt panicky often.
My doctor told me it was because I had made a significant change is glucose control and that it will go away.

It did and it took about a month when my body got used to lower sugars.

You also need to be careful because those same signs come up in some people when you have truly low sugar.

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I’m newly diagnosed, and I’m prescribed trulicity. I’m already using it, feel no sides. I buy trulicity online, and I’m scared of those sides stated in the description. Are they indeed so frequent?

I was on Trulicity, but people need to know that Trulicity works by slowing down your digestive system. My system was slow enough that I was taking Domperidone 3 times a day to speed things up…sounds a bit counter productive to me. Then I suddenly lost 25 lbs (before I was on Trulicity) and no one knew why. I went for an emptying test and an upper scope, and they found my food all sitting in the bottom of my stomach going no where. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and my body was not absorbing nutrients from what food did go through. When I started losing muscle mass, then I really got worried. I talked my dr into taking me off Trulicity and to put me on insulin. I also have nutritional drinks everyday and my muscles are coming back and I’ve gained back 10 lbs. I still take Domperidone 3 1/2 doses a day, but things are getting back to normal. Not sure why drs give out these other meds when they could just put people on insulin and save a lot of problems. I take fast acting insulin before lunch and before dinner and things are so much better. I have heard of people developing Gastroparesis from using things like Trulicity and Ozempic (I had a bad reaction to that stuff). Something you might want to research and discuss with your dr.

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The fact that you lost 25 pounds before you even started with Trulicity makes me think that you were misdiagnosed as a T2 and are probably LADA and should have been started on insulin instead. Happy to hear that things are much better now.

Some people may experience mild or serious side effects during their Trulicity treatment. Examples of a few of Trulicity’s commonly reported side effects include:

  • digestive problems*
  • abdominal (belly) pain
  • decreased appetite
  • fatigue (lack of energy)
    I have been on it for years and tolerate it well. For me secret is smaller meals. I have lost 5 pounds. Have excellent numbers. Nancy50

Have you tried getting a CGM to watch your blood sugars? Could this be giving you anxiety. Nancy50