Trying Trulicity

Long story short, it was time for me to change up my D management. My endo suggested I would be a good candidate for GLP-1 class drugs, and prescribed Trulicity. I left the office with a 2 week sample.

And it worked for me IMMEDIATELY. I had suspicions about a once per week dose - but I noticed a difference right away. Here’s what my FBS has been this week:
Sunday (pre-Trulicity): 115
Monday (pre-Trulicity): 110
Tuesday: 98
Wednesday: 87
Thursday: 78
Friday: 76
Saturday: 78

Yesterday, I went out with some friends for lunch and treated myself to tacos and a pineapple margarita (omg the carbs!). My BS after an hour was 130, and 2 hours back to 85.

Now… if only I can get my insurance to cover it (grrrr) but that’s another story.


Intriguing. Trulicity acts in several ways simultaneously. One of them is similar to what sulfonylureas do, i.e., stimulating the beta cells to produce more insulin. It will be interesting to see what happens over the long term, but for now it sounds like a real game changer for you. Congrats!

Man, being able to eat tacos and have a sweet drink on occasion would be pretty amazing. I’d probably pick horchata rather than a margarita, but jeez. Those are great numbers!

@David_dns It’s true - not sure what it will mean for the long term. But for now, I’m going to go with it! I didn’t even get any of the side effects (I think nausea is the big one) so it looks like my body just likes this one.

@David49 You can see why I’m so thrilled! Horchata sounds delicious, too - but this place was more of a tequila bar, you know - fancy infused tequilas, etc.

So I was doing awesome on Trulicity, but unfortunately my insurance has decided that it knows what’s best for me and won’t cover it (I got a call from the pharmacy saying I could buy it at retail for only $1,500 for a month’s supply!).

I’m trying out Tanzeum currently, since that one is covered. It seems so far to mostly be slightly annoying to prepare (with mixing and waiting for 15 minutes before injecting), but only once a week is not a big deal. Hopefully I’ll respond well!

Repeal ACA and I am right there. But I hate taking ■■■■ anyway.

Just started trulicity Sunday. Not seeing much change in sugar levels yet but I know it’s only been 1 injection. Any idea how long before you see results

Not sure - I saw results basically the next day. I posted my #s above.

I took my first dose last night. When I tested after dinner my BS was 279. On the high side. But I did eat carbs and half and half sweet tea. Anxious to see what numbers will be. One can only hope they are as good as yours. Movies on Sunday with the girls and dinner afterwards. Would be nice to enjoy a drink or split a dessert.

Good luck! I hope it helps.

I’ve had to try a bunch of other meds in this class, to no avail. Tried Tanzeum - first dose did not help my BS at all, then moved to the higher dosage which made me vomit every day. Then I tried Bydureon - does not help my BS, and gives me these painful bumps at the injection site. I’m resubmitting to insurance and hoping that they will cover Trulicity. It worked and I had no side effects!!