Trump administration issues plan to allow imports of cheaper prescription drugs


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“Under the plan, the administration said it would propose a rule to permit pilot programs developed by states, pharmacies or drug distributors that sought to safely import prescription medications from Canada. The Food and Drug Administration also planned to advise manufacturers for how they could import high-priced drugs like insulin that are sold more cheaply in other countries.” Read more

“states, pharmacies or drug distributors” The Crooks themselves.

This is totally lame. Thought it meant us. Sorry for posting a dud.

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What ever they say they will that’s good you can be sure they will fight behind the scenes to make sure it does not happen.

Where is the best healthcare in the world? 3 years should have been enough

This article from today’s Washington Post talks about some of the potential issues, including vested interests who will oppose the idea, as well as Canada’s inability to meet the demands of the much-larger US population.

I don’t expect this will happen any time soon.

This link is from Apple News, hope it works.

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I don’t buy that. They just order medication from the same companies the US gets them from.

True its a Big waste of time shipping to Canada just to get a lower price then ship it back here. But that’s it.

My Lantus Bottle says Origin Germany


They get it from us but they don’t have enough - and I get flagged - srsly

The vote was more symbolic than substantive. It was an amendment to a Senate budget resolution, which is a non-binding measure that doesn’t get signed by the president or become law. Rather, they set a framework for committee chairs to work within when deciding how to spend money.

And still they voted against it.

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It’s possible insulin may not be included.

“Starting in March 2020, the approved marketing applications for the small subset of “biological products” such as insulin and human growth hormone – which for complex historical reasons were previously generally approved as drugs under section 505 of the FD&C Act – will be deemed to be biologics licenses under section 351 of the PHSA”

Quoted from

The plan is for insulin to be reclassified as a biologic by next year. If so, & if biologics are not included in this new import plan, insulin may be excluded.

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If come to the conclusion that no one cares. I have always been cynical of the world but reading about insulin prices and the reason behind them, myth confirmed. Humanity is disgusting.

Humanity is vile and disgusting. Fixed it for you

The best thing that could happen would be for humans to disappear and leave the plants and animals be.

The galaxy would breathe a sigh of relief

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It’s funny how Trump talks about how universal health care is socialism yet is now turning to a country that implements it.