Anyone order insulin from

Much less expensive. Anyone use them?

Yes, is good.

And so is Marks Marine Pharmacy (

Both are reliable, cheap, and easy to deal with.

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Which insulins do you need? If you have commercial insurance (not Medicare or medicaid), Lantus is free this year.

There are savings cards for other insulins to save some - just check each of their websites. Check Blink Health for Humalog prices, about 40% less than retail.

I have been traveling to Canada or other countries for short acting insulin. Just be careful. It is illegal to import insulin by mail or in person. It is a felony so don’t get caught. Dumb - they’d rather we die than buy insurance we can afford.

If somebody is interested, they could check the regulations for themselves.

Note that this is commonly done all the time. I am not aware of people being Federally indicted and convicted for situations which fall under or “almost” fall under the “Personal Importation” guidelines.

FDA: Personal Importation

If you are entering the United States (U.S.) with FDA-regulated products in personal baggage or sending products by mail or courier from abroad, FDA has guidance that governs personal importations. Below you will find useful information regarding importing personal goods that are regulated by FDA.

EDIT: From another FDA doc which goes into greater detail including reasoning behind the various policies and guidelines:

“Information on Importation of Drugs Prepared by the Division of Import Operations and Policy, FDA”

This guidance sets forth the agency’s enforcement priorities related to the personal importation of unapproved new drugs, with enforcement being focused on products apparently intended for the commercial market and on fraudulent products and those that pose an unreasonable health risk.

The purpose for this provision is in keeping with the intent that the guidance relate to only drugs for personal use, not commercial distribution.

Where the evidence appears to indicate that the drugs may be imported for commercial distribution, the guidance provides that FDA should refuse admission of such drugs.


Whatever you say Tim.

“In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs or devices into the U.S.“.

Just to avoid a possible misunderstanding, the quoted sections above are not my words.

Those are all direct quotes from the FDA. (Other than the obvious quote from a previous poster.)

I do appreciate the reposting of the link which I had posted. That is great information for anybody who may find the purchasing and importation of a personal 90-day supply of medication from another country (such as Canada) to be helpful.

You didn’t quote the whole sentence. It is easy to mislead people when you chop sentences up.

In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs or devices into the U.S. for personal use because these products purchased from other countries often have not been approved by FDA for use and sale in the U.S. For example, a drug approved for use in another country but not approved by FDA would be considered an unapproved drug in the U.S. and, therefore, illegal to import.

See, it’s different when you copy the whole sentence.

And if you go through even more of that section, you can realize that ordering insulin from Canada is not something you will get in trouble for, as long as it is in limited quantities, for personal use, not being resold.

FDA has guidance for personal importation of drug or device products. Below provides information regarding situations for which this might be allowed:

Product is not for treatment of a serious condition and there is no known significant health risk (Over the Counter, OTC); and
Product is for the treatment of a serious condition ( Prescription Drug Products):
The product is for a serious condition for which effective treatment may not be available domestically either through commercial or clinical means.
There is no known commercialization or promotion of the product to persons residing in the U.S.
The product does not represent an unreasonable risk.
The consumer affirms in writing that the product is for personal use.
The quantity is generally not more than a three month supply and either:
Provide the name and address of the doctor licensed in the U.S. responsible for your treatment with the product, or
Provide evidence that the product is for the continuation of a treatment begun in a foreign country.

Nobody in the U.S. is being prosecuted for buying insulin from Canada for personal use.

Diabetes is tough enough for people. There is no need to add even more restrictions that are not real.


What about ?
They have fiasp for the cheapest price I have found so far.

Both the pens and vials are $10 cheaper from Mark’s:

That’s about 50% higher than the price my son found walking into a random pharmacy in Toronto - still Ok, I suppose. :man_shrugging:

Discount RX lowers the price per vial with more in an order. So they are cheaper then Mark’s if you order a few or more.

Yeah, walk in pharmacies are $37 to $40 per vial. At least that is what I have heard so far.
I am not close enough to the border to make a run for it. But if I take a trip up there anyways I will definitely stop in and get some while I am there.

9 vials from Mark’s is $650 shipped.
Discount RX, same 9 shipped is $480.
That is a sizable difference in cost!

They don’t do a very good explaining the discount on their website.

This is what it looks like to me when I try to order 10 vials of Fiasp from Discount Rx - $807.30:

you have to choose the item that shows as 9x10ml.

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Okay, I see that. Thanks.

How long does it usually take for insulin to arrive from these companies? I’m just worried about heat damaging it. Also, what shipping method do the various companies use (DiscountRXMart for instance). I need to know because the post office does not ship to my home address, so if they are using US mail I will need to give a different address.

I am not sure on the shipping methods, etc.
That was one of my concerns as well.
This time of year should be ok. But if I am ordering a number at once, I want to make sure they LAST as long as they should before I can use them!

For what it’s worth, the current vial of insulin I am using expired in 2014.

I have not been bothered by expiration dates for a long time. Since like the 80’s when I stopped using cow and pig insulin.

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