TruSteel infusion sets needle flaw or damage?

I just got off the phone with Tandem to report a problem that I have experienced at least twice in the last month. They did not have much to say other than offering to replace two infusion sets.

It begins with an unexpected high blood sugar and from there I examine my infusion site and tubing. Before I change a set, I always check to see if insulin is actually moving through the tubing and then through the needle so I detach from my body and simply use the “fill tubing” setting. In these two instances the problem seemed to be the needle itself (as opposed to the longer end of the tubing); the insulin barely came through the opening; no droplets but rather (and after some time of trying to move insulin through) there is a fine spray of insulin coming out at an angle. It is as if it is struggling to get out of the needle. I have examined the needle itself and I could not see any visible flaw.

My question is whether there is simply a flaw with a particular lot of TruSteel infusion sets or if after a day of wearing it it somehow got bent. I try and use the stomach area only as I have not had good luck elsewhere inserting the infusion set. I do work out regularly: yoga, weight lifting, swimming. Could the needle have gotten slightly bent even on a tiny scale?

Thank for people’s insights.

It depends on how much fat you have. If that trusteel is hitting muscle, it will clog up and also bend.
If you have a good amount of fat at your sites the. It’s no issue.
I like to use my hips, when I move down to where I’m more lean, the sets fail.

I use an angled set that works better for people who are leaner than average. I also install them manually so they are almost parallel to my skin this way they can’t hit the muscle head on.

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Thank you for your insight.

yes, I do have more problems when I use my upper abdomen as opposed to lower abdomen because I do have a bit more fat down there. I just feel the need to rotate.

Angled sets: does TruSteel come in an angled version? (I use TruSteel because plastic cannulas tend to irritate my skin).

It’s probably not the cannula but the adhesives. I use a uv3000
Under the set and I don’t have issues with them anymore.
As for the steel sets, you can bend them into the position you want if you are determined. Use a the long side of a pencil and push against the needle till it bends

@ASA when you prime your trusteel set, you don’t prime all at once (cartridge, line, and parts between the adhesive patches)? I have never once used the fill cannula feature on a trusteel.

Thanks for your input. I don’t use the fill cannula feature as with the “contact detach” TruSteel one needs more insulin. I always simply use “fill tubing” and I like to see those droplets come out which is why I was so disconcerted when I saw the insulin struggle to exit the needle with a mere fine spray.

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Got it. I didn’t want to assume…