Infusionset in arm

I was wondering. Can you insert an angled infusionset in your arm? I don’t think it’s possible.

Yep, I used to put Comfort (17 mm cannula) infusion sets in my arm. I can’t remember exactly what technique I used, but I did it one-handed, similar to giving a shot.

Cool! I watch a utube tutorial and it looks like you need 2 hands. I can pinch the fat on the back of my arm by using either a chair or the edge of a wall. I the video you have to put a finger on the cannula housing and pull out the inserter needle with th other. Tomorrow will be my first angled set to try. Medtronic sent me some samples of the silhouettes. I am presently using tsure sets. I am slim and can’t take advantage of certain areas because if I lay on it I feel the needle. Like the sides of my stomach and the side of my buttocks. I also get alot of bleeders.The first sign is abnormally high bloodsugar. We all know how our diabetes reacts to certain foods. Or I will correct and it(sugar) doesn’t go down. I base it on by the 3rd correction if it doesn’t go down I change my inset. Lately I have been getting it in a lot of veins. How does your blood sugar react when you get it in a vein? Some people here say their sugar drops.

That’s interesting. I just started using Tandem TruSteel sets. I believe these are the same as Tsure sets. I see the same pattern. The site works perfectly and suddenly deteriorates per the symptoms you describe. I like it because it stops working abruptly so I can take action. Deterioration was slow with my previous soft-cannula sets and my control would deteriorate at the same pace. Unfortunately the TruSteel sets have been failing on day 2 whereas I could get three days from my soft cannula sets. On balance I prefer TruSteel. It’s early days with TruSteel for me, so perhaps that pattern will change. BTW, I’m not slim and rarely get bleeders. When I do they are not more effective. In fact they are usually less so.

That makes sense because as far as I know all of the steel sets are only approved for 2 day use not 3 like the soft cannula sets.

You’re lucky. I did my first silhoutte change this morning in my arm. I haven’t used angled sets since I first started pumping. These ones are manual so you can control the angle. The tsures were great at first for me. I didn’t get many bleeders and when I did I just moved it and glued down the site. It is nice with the dexcom as you can override the correction bolus and watch if it goes down. Any extra insulin you have when you reach your target you can supplement it with carbs. I have done that a few times, but I don’t like to.

That is true, but at first I was getting 3 days easy. Then all of a sudden it after a few months things weren’t working for me anymore.

This is normal. If you check the manual, it will say to change the set after 24-48 hours. None of the steel sets are designed to last more than two days.

I don’t think my arms have enough fat on them. Each time I inserted the needle then took it out there was blood. I do that wish the sureTs to make sure that it is not in blood. I am not going to give in yet for the silhouette sets as I am going to try a 20 degree angle and not as deep in my abdomen and legs. Hopefully I’ll find what works for me.