Trying a new iPhone logging app

I’m taking a gamble and buying a $5.99 diabetes app for my iPhone.

I’ve been using Glucose Buddy which is an excellent app considering it’s free. But I’m also trying to lose weight and thus wanting to track calories. Having to enter foods into three different devices—my pump plus both of these apps—is just way too much work, and so I haven’t been using either of them all that consistently.

I just found an app called Track3 which is a diabetes tracker WITH built-in access to a nutritional database. And what’s more is that it has Canadian blood glucose support (mmol/L) which many apps don’t, and it also has Canadian restaurants/products in its food database!! It sounds almost too good to be true!

It’s the most expensive app I’ve ever downloaded but I’m hoping it’s worth it. I’m also hoping that it works with VoiceOver—the screen reader on the iPhone that reads everything aloud—because otherwise it will be pretty useless to me. Here’s hoping!!! I will post a review of this app (if it’s good) as well as Glucose Buddy on my blog in a few days.