Trying Something A Little Different

When I have total control of meals and timing, i.e., at home, I use Regular insulin because it matches the protein part of the meal most closely. It works great for the first 3 or 4 hours after a meal, then it tails off and I get a mild rise -- 20 points or so, no more (usually). So today I bolused the same as usual, but two hours later took one extra unit to extend the tail a little. We'll see what happens.

Seems to be working. One more day to be certain.

Still looking good today. Very flat BG 5 hours out. If this result is consistent . . . wow! You can almost hear the A1c plunging . . .

Hi David. I think we're doing similar dosing, in a way. I eat low/moderate carbs, moderate protein and healthy fats. Apidra covers it well except for dinner; then I take half my total dose before I eat, the other half of the dose about an hour afterwards. This works so well that I am now appalled by the fact that my insurance will no longer cover Apidra in 2013. I've tried everything, Regular and all the fast actings, and only Apidra does the job. My next step: a doctor's appointment, see if he'll help out. Oh well -- I'm glad you've found a regimen that works for you, and presumably, Regular will always be available

Well, I do use Novolog for quick corrections, or when dining out. The catch with Regular is that it takes an hour to start working, so I need to be able to plan ahead. That pretty much means that it's only practical when dining at home. So I do need to keep the fast acting stuff around too. Haven't tried Apidra yet, but I intend to. Even the Novolog takes a good half an hour for me, so I want to find out whether there's anything faster.