Trying the Omnipod

I now have piece of robotics sticking to my skin.

After five years of multiple daily injections, I have finally gave into all the suggestions. “Have you thought about the pump?” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question I could now pay for the deductible that I will be required to pay for the marvel of technology.

After hearing about the CGMs I decided it was finally time to at least investigate. It was a bit overwhelming leaving the diabetes educator on the first day with a bag full of materials and samples to wade through from all the pump companies. After the first night of studying each pump I decided one sure thing, THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING! Each one of these pumps pushes the insulin that my body so desperately needs through a tube and into my body.

I have narrowed it down between the paradigm and the Omnipod. Why these two? The paradigm is the only pump currently with a cgm that communicates directly to it. Who wants another gizmo to carry around? Sorry Dextron! As a first time pumper, the Omnipod, is like the convertible you always wanted. But of course why did I start down this road in the first place? For the idea of continually being able to track what my blood sugar levels were doing. Why can’t I have everything I want? I know someday all of the pump companies will have integrated CGM’s and maybe even have “tubeless” models.

So today I walked out of the educator’s office with a pod filled with saline and the PDM, “personal diabetes manager” that Insulet gives you to control the pod. So far so good. Tomorrow will be the real test. I have two pool parties tomorrow. Definitely not my typical weekend but it should test the strength of the adhesive. I like the interface of the PDM so far. Only strange thing I have noticed is to manually enter in a BG reading you go the bolus screen instead of anywhere under the BG functions. I may have missed something, on the screen or on in my quick glance of the manual.

On Tuesday I will meet with the minimed rep and try out the Paradigm with saline. Will I have a decision after that I hope so! Every once in a while I find myself looking at the other pumps to see if I missed something. If you have a helpful opinion feel free to share. I could be swayed…maybe. For the next 36 hours I am a podder.

I hope all is well with Podding so far! I am not here to sway you either way…hahaha hint GO Omnipod…lol
You have to make the best choice for you! I have never used anything but the OmniPod and I love it, I have had a few bhad Pod’s but I can’t complain. I think you said it best when you said you can’t have it all. Have you been on Amy T.'s website??? she has a lot of OmniPod information on there…here’s the link
Good luck and keep us informed on which insulin system you choose.

Thanks Diabeticizme!
Maybe it’s b/c I have never had a pump before but the Omnipod really stands out to me. I have been to Amy T’s site, definitely a lot of good info there. Hopefully I can make a decision by next week!