Trying to stay on track

I have been on the DR. Bernstein Diet now for almost 2 years. For the past couple of months my BG has been up and down. I have been fighting viruses, a tooth infection things like that. I am having a hard time overeating on my veggie and protein carbs. When my BG runs high {for a couple months on and off they have been high 200-300} I feel hungry. So, instead of going every 5 hours I am eating every 3 which isn't helping the BG. I am finally starting to feel better and not so sick anymore. Any adivce on getting my BG back down? My last A1c was 6.6 about 3 months ago which for me was the best I have ever had! I am afraid to get it checked again because I'm sure it's gone up.

I just feel like a failure. Even though I have been sticking to the guidelines and have NOT NO WAY been eating anything on the NO NO list.

Advice please? Thank you in advance.

You began by saying that you've been following Bernstein for 2 years and your control has been erratic for "the last couple of months." That means it was pretty good for the preceding 22 months, right? That's not what "failure" looks like, so for starters, stop beating yourself up. Doing what you've been doing, and the control it gave you, puts you up in the very highest percentiles of the diabetic population. You are not a failure; you're the opposite.

This is not a common cold, it's a serious chronic disease. There are going to be times when it behaves exactly like you want it to, and times when it resists and fights like a spoiled child. Ask the most well-controlled diabetic you know and they will tell you there are times when the numbers just won't do what they are "supposed" to.

You didn't indicate whether you are T1 or T2, or what your medications (if any) are. So if this persists long term without settling down, adding or changing meds might be something for you and your doc to look at.

As for causes . . . illness certainly is one, and you've had a few. So before getting too upset, get well and see whether things even out. Once you've been otherwise healthy for a while, see what happens then. And stress can really raise your BG, so worrying yourself sick (literally) about it just piles more fuel on the fire. Like I said, don't beat yourself up. It's useless.

And get that A1c tested! If it's better than you expect, it will improve your peace of mind, lower your stress level, and help you get back to where you want to be. If it isn't, then you'll know exactly where you stand and what needs to be done. Either way, you'll be able to get off dead center and keep moving forward. Ignoring it simply prolongs the anxiety, and helps nothing at all.

Thank you David S. Your encouragement and kind words are really awesome! I did forget to write that I am a Type 1 and on Humalog and Levemir. Your exactly right, I need to get an A1c and stop trying to hide. Once I know where my numbers are at I can take it from there.

Thanks again!

Hi Yolanda, When I am concerned about my A1C, I go to Rite Aid and purchase a DIY kit: Bayer puts out A1CNow, which will give you an accurate test score you can do at home.

David S., that was such a touching reply. I have been a good follower of Dr. Bernstein for over three years now with great success, but tonight, I was starving and ate a small steak, a lot of green beans, a third of a green pepper with processed cheese, followed by a flaxmeal muffin and two tablespoons of peanut butter. I am still hungry and am going to bed before I eat more. I feel like I'm a very bad person, but I've been running lowish, lately. I'll see Endo in the am.

Wow Amanda02 I had no idea you could buy and over the counter A1C kit! Thanks for the tip! I will head out tomorrow and pick it up!

I actually like the kit they have at Walmart better. The BayerA1cNow is not particularly accurate, but the Relion A1c at Walmart ranks right up there with many of the lab machines. They are both pretty cheap. The only downside with the Relion is you have send it off in the mail.

How can you be a bad person? We are human. Everybody, Dr. B included recognizes that eating is a huge thing, driven by hormones and emotion. And carbs can be truly addicting. I sometimes get hungry and eat more than usual. I just try to make good choices. Seems to me like you made good choices.

Have you used the A1cNow Kit? Is your comment about it from personal experience? I have done about 20 A1cNow Tests and never been more than 0.3% off the Lab value. Is that inaccurate?

Thanks, Brian. It is hard to keep a balance in life, isn't it? I've been faithful about exercise at the expense of my "me time," and like Yolanda, I have never eaten something off of the NO-NO list, but still...I've been under a lot of stress, lately, and I've gained several pounds with no explanation, and my stomach is swelling up like when I had Cushing's (an adrenal tumor). My Endo was reactive and ordered some salivary cortisols. I don't think I have Cushing's, but I do think that any rise in cortisol puts me into a pseudo-Cushing's state since I probably still have those cortisol receptors. Cortisol can create hunger like a lion for anyone.

I let my guard down when on vacation and ended up eating a lot of starch. It appeared on my plate in aircraft, breakfast meals etc. It was the only thing available at tourist stops. When we got back home, I found the cravings had returned quite severely and it took a month to get back on track. I wouldn't say I was bad, just weak. So I forgave myself and did what I knew I had to do.


I've been fighting a virus too lately. It feels like no matter what I do or how well I eat there are just some days I can't gain control of my blood sugar. I also eat a Dr. Bernstein diet and it's not easy. To be trying so hard and getting awful results is so tough. I know how you feel! By eating well you are probably making your blood sugars a lot better than they would be... even though there not the best you've had. I think that doing the best you can, in the situation your in is success. Don't be too hard on yourself. This to will pass.

- Hannah