Tslim trial saline itching, rashes, joint swelling pain

Just installed 3 days back T slim with saline start for first week. Immediately, itches, rashes, and write joint swelling and pain started. Doc put on steroid and topical creams. Removed pump with saline.
Hard to think if such reaction is because of intracutaneous saline injection.
Anyone also had such issues?

I would suspect allergic reaction to adhesive or infusion set. You could try different infusion set options, or topical preps if it is the adhesion tape.

Do you have other allergies?

Can Dr check if anything is added to saline?i

Some sort of contamination??? I doubt you will find the answer. I had hives for 7 months, starting 10 days after a surgery and none of the several docs I went to could say what the cause was. I had a useless discussion about that with the surgeon, as well, quizzing him in great detail about what was used. The medical establishment has far fewer answers than one might expect. good luck getting to the root cause.