Tslim x2 dexcom g5 and medicare

Just got tslimx2 and Dexcom g5 system. I am on medicare and it says you have to use the receiver. How are they going to know if you use the pump and iphone instead?

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Medicare was sending letters warning you if you use the iPhone. I guess they still are. They can deny coverage.

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I’ve forgotten why they care if you use the phone? Is it financial? I hate this reciever, it’s awful, but my ipad was even worse with not bejng able to mute the alarm sound. I hope I will like the tx t slim better since the dex dara us on that screen. But I’d feel safer carrying a receiver as well since the pump can fail and so can a phone.

I am confused. On this forum and on Tandem Tslim facebook page, a lot is being said about Medicare patients not being able to use the Tslim integrated with the G5, no one at the Endo’s office has said anything about this. When I got the Tslim two months ago, my CDE immediately paired the pump and CGM. Was this wrong? Does Medicare know and care about this?

The T-slim and Dexcom CGM pairing is an approved use. The one that was not approved was getting T-slim/Dexcom info on an i-phone or other non-medical equipment but only for those on Medicare.

Medicare is now in the process of approving this kind of use due to activism that brought attention to the many who use iphones, watches and other to monitor their pump/CGMs. This has been in the news during last week.

The t:slim and Dexcom CGM pairing is not an approved use. Many of us on Medicare were sent an email from Tandem late last fall with this info:

"Dear Customer,

As someone who, according to our records, has a t:slim X2™ Pump and also has Medicare for health insurance benefits, you may be aware that Medicare coverage of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is limited to viewing CGM data only on a Dexcom receiver and NOT a smart phone or an insulin pump.

Dexcom has recently launched an initiative with the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) to help Medicare patients and their supporters share their voice with Congress about their need to see and share their CGM data on other devices such as smart phones and pumps."

There has been no official change to the Tandem Medicare policy although some Tandem reps are telling Medicare users that they can use their pumps. It is unlikely that you would get caught, but you are breaking Medicare rules and could potentially lose Medicare Dexcom coverage. People on Advantage plans may have different rules, but if you have Basic Medicare, you are not allowed to use your Tandem X2 as your CGM receiver.

The recent announcement about Medicare allowing beneficiaries to use their smartphones in conjunction with their receivers is not effect yet, but will be soon. Maybe we’ll be lucky that the final release of the new regulations will address insulin pumps, but I have been led to believe that it will not. TBD…

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Effective June 7, 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revised their guidance for the use of alternate CGM display units, making them eligible for the CGM supply allowance payment when used in combination with the Dexcom CGM unit. Therefore, when the Dexcom receiver is used sometimes and the t:sim pump is used at other times, coverage of the monthly CGM supply allowance is now allowed.

I am now using my t:slim pump during the day and my Dexcom receiver overnight. I always use my iPhone with both (and my husband is my follower). Just remember that a single transmitter cannot be connected to both the pump and Dexcom receiver at the same time.

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By now Medicare accepts the iPhone (probably other smart phones.) they will let you use your pump but you must also use the phone