TTC baby 2 but need to lower my HbA1c and lose weight :S [Type1]

So my last January I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy and was extra blessed that he arrived healthy and strong as my control during pregnancy wasn’t ideal and he arrived at just 35 weeks. My Ob-Gyn has insisted I not ttc again until my HbA1c is 6.5 which scares me as I have never had one that low since diagnosis. I got an insulin pump and CGM a few months back and am now waiting for my first HbA1c since being on it but I know my control is still not perfect. How does everyone do it?! I live in an isloated community and my CDE is 5 hours drive away so I feel sometimes I am guessing about what to do, so any tips or hints you can give me would be awesome. I am also Hypothyroid and need to lose a bit of weight (which the last Endo I saw said was unusual for a type 1?), I am starting to do some more exercise and trying to watch what I eat more carefully. I just finished breast feeding too.

I really want to be getting pregnant in the next few months so my children are closer in age so any help would be fabulous!

Thanks in advance!

As far as your CDE goes, can you Skype with her to maintain contact without the drive?

Pumping takes some time in tweaking basals, etc to get the most out of it. Don’t be discouraged.

Good luck!

I had a baby last February and plan to start TTC again in the next few months.

My best advice (which I’m trying to practice as well as preach) is to adjust my habits now to exactly what I want them to be while I’m pregnant. As my CDE says, “then the only variable you add to your regimen is the baby.”

That means testing before meals and taking insulin earlier before you eat (10-30min). It means testing at the 1 hour and 2 hour marks to see what your numbers are doing. It means eating smaller, more frequent meals. It means treating lows conservatively with a couple of glucose tabs. It means treating highs over 140 aggressively. It means checking your basal rates with fasting to see if you are stable. It means watching your CGM for trends. It means adjusting to a lower threshold for what you consider low (such as not treating unless you are 60 or below). It means waiting to eat until your blood sugar is trending down from a high. It means possibly starting a pre-natal vitamin now.

Now…as to which of those I’m successfully doing…umm…hey, we’re not talking about me here. We’re talking about you. wink But seriously…I just gave you my personal pre-TTC to-do list. :slight_smile:

She is supposed to call me every Wednesday but I haven’t heard from her since mid-December. Guess I have to push for more help myself. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that is good advice! I will have to convert the numbers though :slight_smile: I actually am still taking my prenatal/postpartum vitamins as I just stopped breast feeding and now I figure I just continue on till I finish with the next one :slight_smile: The coming down off a high before I eat is something I know I need to work on - I get hungry and just eat but then I peak really high because I didn’t wait for a lower start reading. Oh and since I got the pump I haven’t been a good about eating small and often and find myself skipping a meal and then eating large which is never a good plan. I should dig out the nutrition chart they gave me for my last pregnancy and start following it maybe.

I was also told it was odd to be a little overweight as a type 1 and it was suggested I lose weight before ttc. I’ve been concentrating so hard on my bg numbers and it’s hard to throw in diet and exercise on top of it. I probably should’ve been doing it all along and I wouldn’t be in this situation. Good luck to you and know your not alone. Hopefully we can learn a lot of tips on here!

Thanks it is good to know I am not alone! The last Endo I saw went so far as to request all my tests be redone as he doubted my diagnosis!! It is super hard to get good control and lose weight - I have seen some people on here talk about doing low-carb to get it but I LOVE carbs :frowning:

Ooohhh. I love carbs too!

Yeah it is a bit of a double whammy for sure! I kinda feel I have a triple whammy at the moment as I had to have a LEEP last year to remove some precancerous cells from my cervix and they had to take quite a big section out - but my Ob-Gyn tells me I should still be OK. Hope you baby makes it for you too - I can’t imagine the heartache of miscarriage and am hoping I don’t have to. How are you finding Low Carb? I LOVE carbs and am scared I will be miserable o a low carb diet! but maybe it might be worth it to lose some weight and have good control for another baby. Need to think on it seriously. How many carbs a day are you allowed if you don’t mind me asking? What sort of plan do you follow? Did a doctor recommend it??
I know my Dr tests TSH and sometimes fT4 but I don’t recall ever seeing fT3 tested - even the Endo didn’t test that. Maybe I should ask my Dr about it - but how do you do that without offending them??
hmmmm you have given me lots to think about!!

Well got my latest HbA1c and I am down to 6.9!! That is my best since diagnosis so I am pretty stoked :slight_smile: I know I can get things even better too which is what is really exciting - before I got my pump I really struggled with control and had no idea that I could have so much better results. Gonna keep working on it and try to lose some weight so maybe we can get pregnant after my next test in April!! :slight_smile:

Heather, congratulations on your record low A1c. You should be proud of yourself!! I went on a pump shortly after I was diagnosed and have found it to be a HUGE help and I’m 13 weeks with my 1st pregnancy and have good control. I’m happy to hear that it sounds like a pump is producing results for you, too. Do you have a way to analyze the data from your pump and CGM? I use the Minimed paradigm pump and CGM and I can upload the info to their website and then view lots of graphs and charts that help me and my endo identify trends and tweak settings. I have found it truly amazing how many tweaks can be made and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of them but each one will hopefully get you one step closer to where you want to be.

You’ve already gotten a lot of great advice on losing weight, bringing down your A1c and getting ready to TTC. I guess one thing to add is that I love carbs too (who doesn’t) but have found a BIG difference between different types of carbs. The complex, whole grain carbs are just as satisfying I’ve found, but don’t cause the spikes. My family tends to joke about it, but I’m really into beans these days. (My older brother apparently never grew out of fart jokes :slight_smile: I always feel full and have great BG readings. Bean soups in the winter and bean salads in the summer … lots of recipes online or I’d be happy to share some of my favorites with you. Cooking from scratch is extra effort (especially if you already have a little one) but I find it helps my BG.

Also, I hope you’ve had better luck with your CDE. If she’s not doing her job and giving you the support you need, make some noise!!

Keep up the great work!