Tu online behavior

I was referred to in a post today with "You're an idiot." in response to a posting on Tu. It was my opinion based on my particular life experience and background, which hould be the point of this sight--share ideas, experiences, thoughts.

I was offended, felt disrespected and hurt that another community member would do this. Are there protocols for this? Who can we contact?

I saw this happen on another site, and many participants left. Immediately. If we cannot talk freely and share ideas without disrespect....

Spock, I am sorry this happened. We do try to monitor all discussions here, but occasionally something gets overlooked. Anytime you feel offended, disrespected or hurt, please use the "contact us" link at the bottom of every page (the very bottom) and it will report to the admin team.

Thanks, Marie. I did some searches but will try that.

I have read many of your previous posts and consider the comment off base. My opinion is the opposite. At the same time, this is the internet, and some comments you just need to ignore.

I saw the post and it looks like you sort of rained on his parade. But there was no need to be insulting. I feel we should act like adults here and not be insulting. There was no reason for the OP to act so childish.

BTW I find your posts to be most intelligent. In this case you were just stating a different point of view.


What, act like adults! Never! Sorry to hear about the brouhaha and sorry I missed the fracas! I'm sure you don't need backup though!

I'm sorry you had to put up with the nasty post and somewhat suprised that it happened. I've been on a variety of sites and lists and the culture of Tu has been much better than most others.

I would have never know the link was there if you hadn't mentioned it. Perhaps it could be moved up a little so that people would know it's there.

Spock, I didn’t see that rude comment and I am so sorry that you felt offended, hurt and disrespected. No need for such comments however much you may disagree with someone.
We should be able to act like adults and share ideas freely.

The post you are referring to was reported by one of our alert admins. As Marie notes, if had not been reported, you (or any member) can always report any content or actions of concern through the "Conact Us" link. Our Terms of Service discusses what is appropriate behavior on the site.

In this case, the admins removed the offending post, but it is generally not our policy to notify all parties involved in the discussion. This is a site where we uphold high standards on treating others. I'm sorry this happened.

Maybe my skin is too thin..... It just really hurt because I find so much comfort in this community. Thanks for all the supporting comments, and I appreciate the response of the admins.

I do agree that the Contact Us link should be easier to find.

I do agree the Contact link should be more prominent, I'll make that suggestion in the call for feedback on tuD.

I saw the offending comment as well. The comment was made by the original poster in response to one of your responses. It was unfortunate and I was ambivalent about it. I thought it was rude. Not only that, it extinguished any further comments. I was following the thread and was tempted to participate before things turned rude. The thread just died.

As I age, one of the things that I've been working on is trying to put myself in another's shoes and understand what would motivate someone's actions or words. It's always easier when I'm not the target!

One possible explanation for the rudeness could be the very condition that we all struggle with: high, low, and overly variable blood glucose. I've made those kind of rude comments in the past and after the fact saw that bad BGs played a role. I'm not excusing rude behavior, just trying to provide a possible context to perhaps understand it.

I admired your response to the rudeness in question; it was measured and not over the top. I also could see what prompted the outburst. Sometimes these communication snafu's just happen. Especially in the two dimensional anonymous quality of this medium.

I'm sure the person in question has some regret about the exchange. Apologies can serve as a great way to heal the rupture but waiting for one is usually unrealistic. Live and learn, it's best just to move on...