TuAnalyze: Now Mapping Canada!

Hello there,
Back in May, we launched TuAnalyze, an application on TuDiabetes to help members track, share and compare their hemoglobin A1c data we developed in collaboration with Children's Hospital Boston.

At the time, members who opted to share their data in an aggregate way contributed to the light up the map of the United States:

Today, I am happy to announce we're extending the map to include Canada!!

TuAnalyze: Now Mapping Canada!

  • If you are a Canadian member and haven't entered your A1c data, this is a great chance to see your province light up based on the average of A1c values entered and shared.
  • If you are a US member and have entered A1c values already, you may have new data points to share.
  • If you are a US member and haven't entered your A1c data, why not participate? You can continue to help lighting up new states and contributing data in a secure, structured way that will be beneficial to the community – so each member can learn more about themselves and their peers – and in a way that may inform public health endeavors and research.
If you are concerned about the privacy of your data, you can choose among three privacy settings:
  1. For research only: your data can only be used for research purposes in a de-identified way.
  2. Grouped: your data can be averaged with data from others using the application and charted/mapped in an aggregate way on TuDiabetes.
  3. Grouped + Profile: basically, anyone who can see your profile page (per your profile privacy settings) can see your data.
If you choose either option 2 or 3, your data will count towards lighting up your state or province.

One last thought if you are not feeling inclined to share your numbers because they may be high. You don't need to share the data: as I just showed you, you can enter your data without sharing it. Just bear something in mind: "bad" numbers are not "bad" data. Any data is good data. So consider that your numbers, as high or low as they may be, can help many others and yourself... just a thought.

I get my report card, my A1C on Wednesday. I will be happy to share it. I am in Northern NY, 60 miles south of Ottawa. Can I be considered a Canadian? Eh?


As I mentioned, you should participate Canadian or not. You are most welcome!!

I’ve entered two A1c values, since you said I could enter them and then when Canada was included (now!!) they would be included on the map. :slight_smile:

I am truly " off base " tonight ; thought I had responded here previously .And maybe I choose number ONE ( research only ) ??, however I like BC to be lightened up !

In order for a province/state to light up, at least 20 people in it need to choose options 2 or 3 (sharing settings). We are closest to accomplishing that with ON and BC, followed by QC.

I’m in - but trying to figure out where to enter the number - do I do it here or ??? I live in Montreal, Quebec and my last A1C was 5.9%

Thanks Manny :slight_smile:

Go to this page:

You can also get to it through the tuanalyze orange button at the top right. You wil see instructions at the top of the map.

Another way to enter your a1C is to go to your profile page and look for the link “My Apps” along the left side (below your photo) and click on it. On the My Apps page at the top, you will find tuanallpyze. Just give the app a few seconds to load after the page loads.

Please help us get the word out in Canada about TuAnalyze here, via Twitter, Facebook, etc. We will see ON light up soon, but only when at least 20 ppl enter and share their a1c there.

6.1 is my latest A1C. My doctor is sick and had to cancel tomorrow’s appointment. His nurse will send all results. I have had only a couple rebounds since switching back to humalog. Apidra just knocked my socks off, I managed to survive a low of 13. That is what Rescue found when they reached me.

6.1 rocks! But you gotta watch those lows, girl!

Did you enter your A1c on TuAnalyze?

Ouch on the 13!!! I’ve gone as low as 20 many moons ago - and that scared the the heck out me - I was alone - so had to cope with dealing with it myself. Stupid limbs did not want to cooperate - but I yelled at them to work - I’m telling you - it’s fight or flight when have a hypo!!!

Manny - figured it all out after posting my A1C above - just entered my results from April as well - to hopefully get CANADA up and flashing!!! :slight_smile:

No problem.

Here’s how you can enter your A1c on TuAnalyze:
-Click on this link: http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/profile/apps
-You will be taken to your My Apps page.
-Give it a few seconds. At the top, you will see something similar to this image.

-Click on the button and follow the rest of the instructions on the screen.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Manny, if I had entered my A1c on June 16th…must it be re entered in order to be on the map…or is it already?

VERY exciting! Ontario has lit up on the Canada map!!!

What will be the next province to light up? Will it be BC? Quebec?