TuAnalyze one week later: have you entered your A1c?


a week has gone by since we launched TuAnalyze in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Boston.

We are very happy with the results so
far! Nearly 500 members have entered their A1c data, almost 400 of whom have chosen to share it on the TuAnalyze map, which now shows four US states lit up: California, Texas, Florida and New York.

Still, we continue to need your support so we can light up the entire
map. We can do it, but only together. States on the verge of lighting up are: Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington, Pennsylvania, Virgina, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Even if your state is not on this list, I
invite you to participate: track, share and compare your A1c data with the TuDiabetes community, so we may support diabetes research.

To use TuAnalyze, go to TuDiabetes and choose TuAnalyze in My Apps in the TuAnalyze menu on the navigation at the top. You need to be a TuDiabetes member and be signed in to TuDiabetes to be a part of this historical opportunity to make a difference together.

We count on you.


Great, Judith!! As you can see, since this post went up last night, we’ve seen three more states light up: WA, MA and IL!!

I entered it I think. At least I tried. I’m A1c 9.8 and last test was 173