Tube under belt?

Been playing with my pump. First meeting with pump educator coming Thursday. Removed the canula and connected to the pump. No insulin. Just wearing the pump with the tube stuck to my side. Do you have to worry about kinking? The tube seems to be somewhat kink proof. I am wearing the pump inside the front pocket of my jeans with the tube going under my belt and into the tucked portion of my shirt. Could the belt pinch the tube? Not on insulin yet. Just trying to get ready.

hey Sid that only happened to me once, I bolused and then started playing with my 1 year old niece, so I was crouched over and putting huge pressure on the “under the belt 180 degree turn to the pocket”. most pumps will warn you with a “no delivery” alarm, I just adjusted a little and told my pump to continue and it was alright. you’ll be fine.

hey Joe,
with pump inside my jean pocket with clip outside and tube under the belt working just fine. thanks for the reply.

Hey Mark!
thanks for the reply. the tubing does seem to be quite durable. good thing it was just the tubing that got caught in your zipper. LOL.


your fine, i once put my tubing in a vise just to see how resistant it was to being crimped between a site change. Sure enough when i relieved the pressure it would still deliver insulin.

Hey Michael,
The “vice test” is a clever one. Did you also try the test on your pump?