TuDiabetes.com Gets a LOT of New Features

The folks at Ning have done a superb job making a slew of new features available to us. Here is a summary of the update that took place overnight:

Latest Activity: This is probably the first thing you noticed when you came to the site. We’ve added a new feature on the main page as well as across the member profile pages that lets you easily follow a stream of up-to-the-minute activity across TuDiabetes. We would occasionally insert community announcements and trivia into the feed.

Shuffle Things Around: We have moved things around the home page. For example, the link to EsTuDiabetes (¿hablas español?) now sports a little banner and is located on the right side, along with the banner linking out to the IDF Child Sponsorship program. Basically the right column of the site was opened up for us to move things into, so that’s the reasoning behind those changes.

Forum Improvements: You can now follow discussions and blog comments via email notifications even if you didn’t post the initial content. You can also choose to be notified whenever a new discussion is added to the TuDiabetes.com Forum, as well as to any Group Forum. In addition, the Administrators as well as the person that started the post can now close any discussion to prevent further replies.

Email Messages: Emails from TuDiabetes.com have shifted from HTML to plain text in order to reduce the probability that they get trapped in spam filters. Also, any group member can also now send messages to all other group members (it’s no longer limited to just the Group Creator and Group Admins).

New Themes: There’s a new batch of themes to choose from, including Genie, Genie Olive, Red State, Blue State, Chalkboard and Encore.

I want to thank the folks at Ning, starting with Gina, for the hard work they put into this amazing set of enhancements as well as what they do on a daily basis to make the platform as robust as it is.

Very nice indeed!

Hey I just got used to getting a message threw the old way! What’s up with the new updates…Well then again I’m still stuck back in the 80’s! HA!! You know when the computers were still in the basement?? HA!