New Features on TuDiabetes!

After a little downtime last night, TuDiabetes is back with a few really cool new features will be:

  • A Bulk Uploader for Photos and Videos: you can now add up to 100 photos and 30 videos at a time, by dragging and dropping them from any folder on your computer into the browser window, when you click on “Add Photos”.

Just so you know, the first time you try to Add Photos, you will be presented with this message:

When you see it, just click on "Trust" and you will see the Bulk Uploader coming up.
  • Improvements to how the blog works: basically, the blog posts now work like the Forum posts, making things standard across the site and making the way blog posts look a bit more consistent too;

  • The ability for Featured Members to be displayed on the home page: you will see this being used very soon! :slight_smile:

  • Higher Video Quality: I am very excited about this. I am sure you will see the difference once you see any newly uploaded videos.

Please report any issues (hopefuilly none) you encounter.