TuDiabetes.com Mentioned in LA Times Article About Ning

I was welcoming our newest member this morning (who joins us from Holland) and noticed that he learned about TuDiabetes through an article on Ning.com that was published on the LA Times.

So I googled “LA Times Ning” and what would be my surprise when I found that TuDiabetes.com is mentioned in there:
"Ning, which means “peace” in Chinese, has spawned 86,000 social networks on topics such as TV shows and for groups like English soccer clubs, teachers and firefighters. TuDiabetes.com, a Ning-powered site for people with diabetes, calls itself ‘MySpace on insulin.’ "

Here is the article link:

I don’t know about you guys, but I am about to cry (of joy)… I am truly speechless…

Totally awesome man, congrats!

Whoo hoo! Conratulations, Manny!

Thanks to Scott for the MySpace analogy you came up with about TuDiabetes back in June!

You’re onto a great thing here Manny - this site deserves attention!
I still love the ‘my space on insulin’ comment :smiley: