TuDiabetes Founder Manny Hernandez Delivers Keynote at Joslin's Diabetes + Innovation 2012 Conference

Our founder and president, Manny Hernandez has been invited to be the presenter of the Diabetes + Innovation 2012 conference lunch keynote, where he’ll share his views and experiences on “Patients Prescribing Change,” in Arlington, VA, on Monday, September 24th.

In his presentation, Manny will talk about how giving and receiving of support in the patient-to-patient interaction leads to positive change for the patient and practitioner communities; highlight the ability that social media has to accelerate the sharing of new information and patients learning from each other; explain how more engaged and empowered patients can influence and effect change in the healthcare system that will result in improvement all the way around; and incorporate takeaways learned directly from the diabetes community.

The Joslin Diabetes + Innovation 2012 will bring together the best minds across payers, providers, industry, government, research, prevention and treatment, and will act as a powerful marketplace of ideas, partnerships and collaboration to provoke thought, innovation and action that address the cost, productivity and quality of life impact of diabetes on our society and aims to provide a powerful foundation for sustained focus and excitement for advancement in all facets of diabetes prevention, treatment and payment reforms –from social media and gaming to translational research breakthroughs to mobile patient technologies and everything in between.

Video of Manny's presentation will be uploaded to the TuDiabetes video archives after the event.

knock em dead manny!

I am sooo psyched about this. This is just down the road and I've connected with Manny and will have a chance to meet and see him at this conference. The conference is oriented towards an audience of health professionals and there are many well known speakers. What makes this conference interesting is that it is focused on innovation along new and different dimensions, not just a new diabetic drug or a new insulin. And social media and patient centered care are big areas of opportunity. I'm really happy to see Manny have this opportunity.

I am soooo psyched. Happy dance time!!!!

I can't wait to see the video I'm sure it will be an enlightening experience. Congrats on being asked to be a keynote speaker that is quite an honor.

We talked about this Manny, I am so very,very happy for you. I know you will do an outstanding job. Best of luck. Reed

Can't wait to see the video either! Manny... breathe ;) Really proud of you and your continued accomplishments!

A great way to view organizations like Joslin , ADA , CDA ,IDF , UK , Australia etc. etc. with an open mind as I see Manny does ..." they are willing to listen if one puts a thought or two such as Manny does into their minds ...thanks Manny ! A great example we should follow ...very inspiring .

I'm back from the event and I had a great time. Meeting Manny was a life changing event for me. I feel like I have a friend for life. Manny took part in a panel on the first day, but the real highlight was his keynote. I think everyone in the room came away with a new appreciation for how social networks are not just a crutch, but a central pillar in good diabetes care. Although there remains lots of work to be done, I was really pleasantly surprised to see the patient be involved in this dialog. I intend to write more fully on my experience, but I'd like to just leave you with a photo of Manny from his Keynote.