Manny's Keynote speech at Joslin

Well worth taking the time to watch! Our founder's prescription for change... Really well done Manny!

See it here (ending only).

Full version is here

I just finished watching this. 38 minutes well spent. I confess I got a bit emotional in spots, from hearing Manny talk about Reed, our TuDiabetes Welcome team member, our former admin MelissaBl, who came to Tu looking for support when she was thinking of starting a family (she now has 2 babies), and Manny's own story of misdiagnosis. I thought back to the day I found TuDiabetes (google search) and the profound feelings I felt of connection, acceptance, relief, and friendship I encountered from day 1 as a member of the community.

hope everyone gets a chance to watch it!

Very well done! Worth the time to watch the whole speech.

Yeah, this presentation gave me goosebumps.

Superb, just superb. Aside from the fact that Manny is a terrifically engaging speaker (which we knew already), I love the way he stays on message and drives home the point that support from a community doesn't simply improve mental well being, but actually changes outcomes. That can't be stated too much or too often.

Every doctor, nurse, and diabetes educator on the planet needs to see this. As I have said elsewhere, 49% of what I have learned about practical day-to-day management came from self study, 49% from this community, and 2% from the medical establishment.

Connecting with our peers doesn't just contribute to peace of mind. It saves lives. That's the message here and it's crystal clear, impossible to miss.

I couldn't get it to work in IE but forgot I had chrome lying around, *watching now...* Holy crap, Manny dx'ed on my birthday! w00t!

hey, I get up and drink coffee and do Tu too, just like Seagator!

Ooooh, I like the "how much should be invested to empower patients" question. I'll take 17 suitcases full of twenties...

I am really happy to see this posted. I got to watch Manny give this presentation and it was really hard to convey how great his keynote actually was.