TuDiabetes Member Appreciation Awards

Community Supporter: lotsofshots, from Virginia USA, for consistently offering support to fellow members

Health and Well-being: Clare
, from Massachusetts USA, for setting a great example of these and supporting others in achieving them

Communication & Information: Still Young at Heart
, from Massachusetts USA, for doing a great job of sharing info on the site

Diversity and Respect: Judith
, from Oregon USA, for exemplifying mutual respect in her interactions on the site

Creative Expression: Captain Glucose & Meter Boy
, from California USA, for sharing diabetes-related creative works with the community

Transparency: Rob Muller
, from Indiana USA, for making positive contributions to the community while being up-front about his professional affiliation

The staff and volunteers of TuDiabetes wish our award winners and everyone else in the community a very happy Valentine’s Day, and sincerely thank you for being part of this wonderful community.

Congratulations to you all and thanks for all your participation and support for the community!!

I appreciate everyone; EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATES HERE DESERVES a MEMBER AWARD. I have gotten more help and good advice here for the last several years than from ANY doctor. Lots of people to thank: Acid Rock, Zoe, PancreasWanted, Stillyoungat heart, Holger of course Richard, Lotsofshots....I could list HUNDREDS of you who have helped in some very important ways to my health, well being and happiness.

Thanks everyone!

I agree, Spock, I couldn't limit my thanks and appreciation to a few. Sometimes it is the person who doesn't post frequently who says just the thing I need to hear, or has the exact experience or information I need. My thanks and appreciation to 25,000 amazing TuD'ers!

Thanks Spock. It is the people that make this page a great experience I totally agree.

To this years winners, please accept my deepest appreciation for all you do , to keep me coming back TuD.org