Today is the last day! Vote now!

This community is only possible thanks to all of you, and we want to recognize together the merit of some of our committed members. Please click on the link below to vote for fellow members you choose for each of the following award categories. This is meant to be a light-hearted way to recognize community members, so have fun with it! Nominations are due by midnight (Pacific, GMT-8) on Wednesday, February 26th. Winners will be announced LIVE on the TuDiabetes homepage on Thursday, February 27th.

Categories for the Awards:

TuDiabetes Un-Certified Educator: a member you have learned so much from that it feels like talking to a diabetes educator… without the certification.

TuDiabetes Creative Mind: a member who makes super-creative contributions to the community, as part of a contest or not.

TuDiabetes Geek: a member who comes up with technical answers to problems related to software, gadgets, web sites, etc. that come up in TuDiabetes.

TuDiabetes Comedian: a member who plain-and-simple makes you laugh with his/her comments and contributions.

TuDiabetes Life Coach: a member who is there for you (and others) and gives you support and great advice to carry on in the midst of a challenge.

TuDiabetes Good Eating Fan: a member who advocates for healthy eating… and walks the talk (or rather, eats the talk).

TuDiabetes Active Lifestyle Fan: a member who sets a good example of exercise as part of our lives and as an important element of diabetes management.

TuDiabetes Crusader: a member who invests lots of time advocating on behalf of the diabetes community at large.


A couple rules:

We will be awarding a special honor to our much-loved recently departed member, jrtpup, so please don't list her as your choice for every award.

Diabetes Hands Foundation staff and volunteers are not eligible to receive awards. They are listed under "DHF Team" and "DHF Volunteers" in the sidebar of each page.

Oops! For those of you who opened the voting document but were not able to vote, please try again! It's been fixed :)

I like to see an Award for those , who always , always , always greet new members to Tu ..that's a committment and " they " continue and continue with this task ...just my humble opinion ...

Yes, it truly is such a dedicated team that welcomes people. Wonderful for the new people, heartwarming for all.

Great idea, Nel! I'll put that on my list to add to next year's awards. In the meantime, let's all be sure to let those folks know how much we appreciate them :)

I'm getting ready to cast my vote, just jotting down some notes...

Yes, but, what if you want to put Pup in every category???!.....

No voting for pup, Judith! We are awarding her a special award of her own :)


i vote for everyone of us who always help each other & those who help newbies who really need help
no one in particular i think we all help each other as a team

done and done TG pup is getting her own reward b/c she fit every category here

it took me a while, but I finally voted! have you?

i have :)

TuDiabetes Crusader: