Winners of the 2010 TuDiabetes Awards: take a moment to congratulate them!

TuDiabetes Un-Certified Educator:
"He is just a library of knowledge when it comes to so many things! I am incredibly impressed by how much he knows, and he just always seems to have an answer to everything."

The winner is bsc:

TuDiabetes Creative Mind:
"He always has a good idea!" He has created some very popular groups on TuDiabetes and started the Diabetes Years discussion topic. AND he just got his Joslin 25 year Certificate this December!

The winner is Danny:

TuDiabetes Geek:
"I always know it's about to go way over my head when I see a reply by Holger... Holger's Glucosurfer is brilliant as are his comments in technical discussions."

The winner (for a second year in a row) is Holger:

TuDiabetes Comedian:
"She makes me laugh all the time because she is a natural comedian, and the thing is her jokes are never at the expense of others they are always kind and caring."

The winner is Bikette:

TuDiabetes Life Coachs (we have a tie between two members):
About one of them: "Is there a nicer person on TuD? She is always so uplifting and positive, never has a negative word, and has faced so many challenges this year, TuD would not be such a great place without Robyn, and her fantastic soundtrack : ) "

About the other one: "She is there for the community at large to help and support wanting nothing in return. Her pure intent to lift others up and brighten their day comes across in her daily contributions.

The winners are Robyn:

and Marie B:

TuDiabetes Good Eating Fan:
"She is always pointing out a healthy choice... She knows the down low when it comes to eating. If I ever have a food question, she's the one I'd ask."

The winner (for a second year in a row) is Gerri:

TuDiabetes Active Lifestyle Fans (we also have a 2-way tie):
About one of them: "She lives life to the fullest and shares her boating adventures in a way that shows that type 1 doesn't need to slow you down one bit!"

About the other one: "His triathlons are inspirational! His dedication to staying active is reflected in his great A1c."

The winners are FatCatAnna:

and Bradford:

TuDiabetes Crusaders (two people who advocate for two different causes):
About one of them: "Her involvement goes from the very personal to widespread, for example her advocacy for the California bill 1802 which would allow school personnel to volunteer to administer insulin to kids with diabetes at school."

About the other one: "She not only crusades for diabetes but also for people with diabetes Type 2. I see a lot of T2 people at tuD, but don't often hear from many of them."

The winners are Lisa Shenson:

and Lizmari (a.k.a. The Diabetic Welfare Queen):

Last, we want to acknowledge someone very special from Canada who is no longer among us:

Clarence "The Amigo" Haynes: "He invested every breath he had sharing the news of diabetes to everyone and anyone who would listen to what he had to say." He left this world on Dec. 5, at age 93. He had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1977, 33 years ago...

Congrats to all the winners! In the coming weeks we will be sending you a small recognition on behalf of all the members and Andreina will be sending you a badge you can sport proudly on the header of your profile page!

Congratulations to all of you :)


Well deserved congrats to all!!

Bravo!!! Well done everyone!!

Congratulations everybody! You guys are wonderful!

Oh wow! I'm really shocked at this - last time I won any type of award was when I was 7 - and I sent in a butter scotch candy to a radio station for getting some sort of prize for the Candyman movie (Sammy Davis Jr. sang in it - way before many of your D's - aging myself here). I feel very honoured to share this with all of you. To me - we are all winners in living with our diabetes - and no individual can be indivdually picked!!! What more can I say?

Sipping on my scotch here :) (I'm such a bad ### D aren't I?).

I am really touched by this award. It means a lot to me. Thanks.

Well deserved, to all winners!!!

Thanks, guys… Really, all the well wishes and congratulations have been overwhelming. You are what makes this place so great. Much love to all of you, and congrats to all who won.

Congrats everyone!

Honored, thank you. The truth is, that this last year I have found strength from all of you and your kindness, friendship and support given to me. You all have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for helping me when I have needed it. Love you xo

Congrats to all of you, very well deserved !!!

Congratulations, TuD award winners! You deserve the recognition for all you do here!

Well done all winners!

How about a new category for next year called 'Favourite 3'

I'm voting now:

bsc, Liz (Queen) and Gerri (Manny you are in there too!)

To all of YOU who are nominated !

One can call the medal also : Champions !!!

Humbled & honored to be in the company of these amazing people who give so much of themselves.

Guess whoever nominated me hasn't seen all the finger trails in the peanut butter jar. Need to put a combination lock on that thing. I'm addicted.

Anna, you’ve got to share the candy song with us! We’re waiting. Nothing wrong with scotch! Sip on.

Congrats to all the winners. Each and every one is a diabetes superhero!

well done people. this place wouldn’t be the same without your input. ive only been here a short time but you all have helped in your own way. thanks for everything

Congratulations guys and gals well done.xxxx