TuDiabetes on the iPhone - Automatic Redirect

Tomorrow evening (26 August 2009), Ning will be rolling out a brand new release available for our use here at TuDiabetes.com. This release makes it easier to use the mobile interface for TuDiabetes by introducing an automatic redirect for anyone who visits the community from an iPhone. It also adds some more structure to the way pages are loaded and laid out. Finally, this release refreshes the default layout for My Pages to add emphasis on the Comment Wall, making it easier for our members to keep in touch with each other!

Here are the details.

Members now automatically get taken to our iPhone interface

It’s about to get a lot easier for members to check in to TuD on the go. Starting tomorrow, whenever members access TuDiabetes.com from an iPhone, they’ll go straight to the mobile interface:

Snapping a mobile photo or video, uploading it from your phone, and then sparking a discussion around it will be easier than ever, making it simple for our community members to share our adventures as they happen.

Giving the Comment Wall on your profile page the spotlight

To spur activity and make it easier for members to communicate, we’re changing the default layout of profile pages to make the Comment Wall more prominent. The Comment Wall will now appear directly below the Activity feed, the Discussions feature will move above the Groups feature, and Videos will move to the left column. This change will only happen on a member’s profile page if he or she hasn’t customized the layout. And going forward, members will still be able to customize the layout of their profiles to find the look that’s right for them.

And that’s it!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and we’re happy to answer any questions here and through our feedback link.

i first gotta get me an iphone to try this out! haha

I am sooooo woooohooooo psyched!!!