Turkey day numbers

Hi Pumpers,
Would anyone care to share there blood sugar numbers on Thanksgiving day? How good was your control? This was my first Thanksgiving on the pump and I’m very curious to know what some of the long time pumpers did to mantain good control considering all the food and the all day long eating that goes on at some family gatherings and dinners.

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving or Black Friday as the business community likes torefer to it. I remember it as the day I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in 1967 at age 30.

Florian Type 1 (40 years)
Animas 2020 + Apidra

Well my NUMBERS were bad i went up to 200 BG. It is all so my my first Thanksgiving on the pump , I all so have Animas 2020 But am a type 2.
I am still trying to get down my numbers down.

Linda P