Depressed on Thanksgiving

Do you ever feel depressed on Thanksgiving? This year is my first diabetic thanksgiving and I’m not feeling entirely enthusiastic about watching other people have 3 or 4 plates full of hundreds of carbs while I have to guess my shot for all the homemade foods.

This is my first year with type one also. I had an early thanksgiving on sun and I just had a little bit of everything and guessed how much carbs and took some insulin. I have a dexcom cgm and just watched what happened. I look at it as i am never gonna not eat something on special occasions and just know i have to take more insulin. It does suck bc everyone else just pigs out and were stuck trying to count and inject. I say dont hold back(but dont eat until you fall asleep), take more insulin, enjoy yourself and keep an eye on your sugar. If you dont have a cgm get one bc they really help me control my sugar. And my mom made pumpkin pie with splenda with was pretty good.

This is also my first Thanksgiving with T1. I have 3 places to go and NOT looking forward to any of them. I feel the same way as you do and so far this morning a big breakfast is being made followed by a big dinner later on and Im going to be playing a guessing game with my sugar. Maybe because Im so new to this but it sucks!

I agree with dave. just count your carbs and eat all you want. I would also like to add that when i’m taking insulin for alot of carbs my ratio changes a little bit. I find that I go low when taking so much insulin at once. So just check often so you know what your blood is doing.

My first Thanksgiving as a diabetic too. I’m going to eat small amounts but I will have pie. And yet, it is depressing because it just reminds me that I different from everybody else chowing down!

Hey Ken… Like everybody has already said… this is one holiday where you test, take a samll amount of insulin to start with and eat… Eat what you want and then bolus again. for what you ate. That way you get some insulin to start with in your system and then you are injecting what you ate for later… Don’t go so overboard that you are falling asleep but feel left out either. I’ve learned this the hard way. Thanksgiving is one holiday I’ve always gotten depressed about in the past but then I leaned the bolus twice trick. I look at it this way, I do have a family around that cares, and they support me so that is one thing that I am thankful for … The other, I woke up this morning !
Remember test often !

This is my first turkey day as a Type 1 also and I’m not sure what to expect. I’m planning on taking extra insulin to cover the extra carbs and keeping an eye on my BG to see what it’s doing. It does suck not being able to eat whatever I want without thinking about the carb content and covering for the extra carbs with a shot. Hopefully I’ll learn from today and be good to go for Christmas dinner! haha

I take insulin while I’m getting the gravy hot: I take more than usual knowing I’ll never quite keep my appetite in tow. Before we’re ready for the pie (and we have a happy birthday ice cream cake and cheesecake besides, I bolus some more. Three hours later I bolus again, this time figuring it down exactly to where I want it. I figure with 11 of us having a great time I’d better keep the blood sugar under control one way or another and boluses in a timely manner were made for that. It always takes 3-4 boluses year after year!

I felt the same the first year I was diagnosed…Actually on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. As Dave said…count your carbs and your neccessary dose of insulin to counteract it. Im a T2…and Im not on insulin. It takes me forever to lower blood sugar after carbs. So moderation on anything is required…and I usually increase cardio exercise the day after from 40 minutes to an hour. Then I add about 2-3 miles stationary bike. And…as years go by, I still get a bit sad because of the restrictions…but it get better and better each year =)

Took 10 units, ate, 1 hour later 240. Just took 2 units to hopefully get it under control. I think the food was worth it.

I am a type 2 and I think my eating habits have impacted other people more this year than before that have come to the table. For instance instead of doing the green bean casserole we went with just green beans. I think its a better time now than before because so much emphasis on good eating had been in the media. I have learned to control my eating habbits so that I make one trip, fill up on proteins, go low on the carbs. I had the pie but went for a long walk after eating which put me on the normal range. My first thanksgiving was on insulin so I know what it feels when everyone else is eating and you just pass the plate. it does get better with time. take care