After Thankgiving B/S Numbers

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving… How was your b/s after eating so much?? I was surprised wilth the things I ate it was 118 in the am,

I did very well…took enough insulin and even had brownies yesterday! My BS this morning was 108!! Yea!

Went up to 288 last night, not so good. But this morning I’m down to 126 and putting that day behind me.

I did great all day, but woke up to 132.

Actually not bad. I bolused for the dinner and I checked 2 hours after and it was 138. I had some pie, bolused for that and 2 hours later 139. Of course I checked some one elses bs on my meter and that was 313. It is now in my pump history so I will have to explain that high to the Endo. Today I had to change the tubing and reservoir because my bs has been climbing to close to 300. It is now down to 230, so I think that was it or I will have to change my site a day after just changing it. Sorry for the long answer.

I did ok, mind you I cant correct since I am a type 2. The only way I can correct is by running.

Here are my numbers for thanksgiving -
10:32 am 142
1:35 pm 142
5:04 132
6:13 pm 125
10:47 143

these are after eating. I guess I did ok for the day

I hit 238 that evening, after having wine at a neighbor’s Open House, but back to 109 the next morning!