Turned automode off

Well I turned automode off through the night thinking I would get restful night’s sleep, but was I wrong, These guardian3 sensors have to be more accurate and not give so many false lows. If these sensors continue to do this then I will have to make a decision. Go back to dexcom and have it not control my bloodsugars. This is so very disappointing that the 770 isn’t turning out the way I wanted it to.

That’s everyone’s complaint. I think they are better than they used to be.
Are the alarms as loud and annoying as Dexcom?

At least you have fully explored all options on the market and have a good idea of the current ‘lay of the land.’ I think that you might be the only person who has done that recently, so you will be a very informed advisor for others. Sorry, Dee. I know that this is less than ideal. I bet your Doc’s learned a lot from your experience and that will help them advise others, as well. You have done a lot of work and my hat is off to you for that.

Thankyou for your heartfelt response. I think when the aggravation exceeds the amount of control you have that a closed loop pump isn’t any advantage. The alarms weren’t really bothering me as much as the trust issue. I turned the volume down on my pump. I’ll take dexcom’s annoying alarms over the unreliability of the guardian’s any day! I haven’t seen my doctor in over a year. It’s just a phone call that I get. I think I was much happier doing dexcom with my pump rather than having the cgm that communicates with it. I would have gone with a tslim but some of my basal rates are .050 and .075 so I am tied into medtron’s pump. At least the 770 will receive software updates and when medtronic decides to go with a more accurate sensor then I can explore that option. I am so disappointed that their guardian3 sensors aren’t any good. I also haven’t had 1 go the full 7 days. We are paying a hell of alot of money for these things. Thank god we have insurance!:blush:


LOL. Yeah, I get it. The trust thing is a real hurdle. Even though I trusted my Dexcom and had my closed loop connected with that, there were different trust issues that popped up for me. I think ‘trust hurdles’ are the biggest barriers for closed loop systems across the board.

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I let go of my exact readings needs. As long as it’s close ish.
My dexcom is pretty spot on. If it’s 20 puts off. It’s ok with me. It’s not going to make a difference mostly.
I hardly check it anymore unless I feel differently than it reads.

But the dexcom usually just goes off when it’s not working, it doesn’t usually give me a bad result.

Same here! When I was using dexcom it was always very close to the actual bloodsugar. This g3sensor I am using right now is being very accurate. I am wearing a g6 in my other arm so there is no I intereferences between the two devices. The guardians are as close as the dexcom’s reading. If the guardians were like this all the time I wouldn’t have any issues with them. Before I started on automode nobody told me that I should have been testing my basal rates. My control was good so I didn’t do any basal testing before staring on the 770.

D’Etta Meloche

I was right there with you. I worked with my Medtronic educator, looked at my Carelink report, listened to my complaints, concerns, my issues, and we made some adjustments. It took longer than it should of, like 3 months, but its running as smooth as butter now. I rarely have alarms, especially for lows, and I’m usually in the high 90% in range averaging 120s to 130. It was definitely a pain in the ■■■, frustrating, and I thought of throwing the pump in the woods a bunch of times, but I’m glad I stayed with it. If you can hang in there, and stay sane it should be worth the work.

Thanks. My sensor seems to be performing nicely. The sensors not being accurate is my main issue. I can deal with the settings as there is only 2 that you can change. AIT and carb ratio. My basals might have been a bit high when I was in manual mode. I have lowered the areas where I am having alot of lows
I will try and stick with it. Pray for me🙏. Thankyou.

D’Etta Meloche

The accuracy differs depending on where I place it. Like the back of my arms are more accurate than my stomach for whatever reason. Still, when my glucometer reads the same number as my sensor it’s like a saw a unicorn. I found it’s usually around 15 or 20 from my glucometer unless it’s rising or falling quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Medtronic and give them hell. They will work with you and help you.

The accuracy differs depending on where I place it. Like the back of my arms are more accurate than my stomach for whatever reason.

This! I have the same experience.

Where are you placing your sensor? Try the back of your arms if you haven’t tried them.

I use nothing but for my sensors. I like to keep my stomach area for my sites. This guardian sensor I have right now is accurate. I wish they were all like that .

How accurate do you find the guardian 3 sensors? I find that they had a 4-5 mmol difference in my bloodsugar reading from my meter and I know my meter is accurate. Some times my sensor is spot on with dexcom. I am wearing both cgms. I have 8 more sensors but told medtronic to deliver no more until I am satisfied that these 8 sensors I have left will perform properly. It is a shame. Medtronic makes good pumps it’s just too bad that their sensors aren’t very good. I am willing to go through some hard times until I get automode set up properly but the hardware has to perform accurately.

Do you notice any pattern, for example only inaccuracies when your BG is high, low, or when raising relatively fast?
(I do often notice some inaccuracy when my SG is running high)

I’m also using Dexcom G6 and the guardian sensor 3 at the same time at the moment.

The guardian3 is way faster for me btw vs the Dexcom which is oftej at least 10 minutes behind, which can be annoying because you notice upcoming lows much later.

My conclusion so far is that they can both be inaccurate and overall I prefer the Guardian 3.

PS. I really hated the 670G AutoMode, never worked for me. Using the 780G now.

I have the 770 and when the 780 gets released I can get a free upgrade. The sensor I am using right now seems to be running accurately. I wish they ran like this all the time. I wouldn’t have any issues with wearing a guardian senor over a dexcom. I am also wearing a g6 with the guardian sensor. It seems to me that when I have been woken up the guardian sensor is usually a lower number than dexcom. Like what you said that the guardian detects the low quicker. I just want it to be close to what my bloodsugar is. I am going to continue with it hoping that it works good.

My experience with the guardian 3’s are opposite to yours. When I am going down the sensor reads at least 1-1.5 mmol less. It also takes longer to show it. When I wore a dexcom g6 it only took 3 dots or 15minutes to show a rise or a fall. I get very discouraged with the 3’s but I like what the pump does for me when I eat. When I start to rise from food it gives me some autobasal and makes the rise a little less pronounced. I also like the freedom of not having to do basal testing. I sure hope the 4’s are better!