i was watching a show that had a story on a worker who got fired for having diebetes any one else see it? i think we should all write a letter we spend lots of money in their pharmacy! the place is WALMART !

Is this article about the same story you saw on TV?

This is about a pharmacist, Stephen Orr, whose longtime supervisor accepted his diabetes and permitted certain accomodations for him at work to manage both his job and his diabetes. When the supervisor changed, the new boss didn’t approve of these accomodations which ultimately led to Orr having to choose to either obey his new boss or keep himself healthy. His decision ultimately got him fired. The tragedy is not that he was fired, but that a court ruled that the firing was justified, since under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) his condition was treatable with medication.

Personally, I believe that a supervisor should permit “reasonable” accomodations for diabetes. I don’t know how to define what “reasonable” is, but I am aware that people will sometimes exploit and abuse their condition to get more-than-fair benefits (just as I’ve seen non-observant people cite religion to get additional paid time off of work).

That said, as a person with diabetes, I don’t consider myself a person with a disability, and to classify my needs under ADA is almost insulting to me. I don’t ask for special treatment or special provisions at work, but I do ask for some understanding and some leeway if a situation arises. Then again, I am not in a constant customer-facing role – no one will miss me if I’m absent for a few minutes, as long as I get my work done.

The situation in the article is larger has so many gray areas, it’s tough to judge. I can understand the boss’s concern about closing the store (though I don’t agree with his actions). I can understand the difficulty in writing a fair law to protect both employees and businesses. What I can’t understand is why people don’t just use some common sense and decency, rather than exploit every quirk and loophole in a law to get what they want.

yes it is! but he worked at walmart pharmacy but it said he just needed his lunch but they made him work thru lunch.