Two careful steps forward, one cramping step back

Taking it easy has not been good on me psychologically, and I really don’t think it’s been helping physically. There really has not been a change in “how I feel” since Wednesday, but that left calf still feels as if there’s something swollen in there and I still have to pay a bit of attention to its full extension. I’ve been taking it so easy that the right leg was beginning to catch up.

But, Passover is Saturday and I have to have the place sorted by Friday night. I really don’t have too much time to dawdle.

I’ve decided that in order to better manage my kitchen space, I’m going need to climb up on the tall ladder to sort and rearrange a number of items that have been stowed in “deep storage” in dead space above one set of kitchen cabinets to give me room for some of my “every day” stuff during Passover, and (hopefully) a less space-intensive method of storing certain items after Passover. I estimated that this project will require the acquisition of a number of plastic storage containers of specific sizes and shapes, and The Other Half drove me to Target to make the purchase.

So far, so good. Even better, Target had on sale the sort of taboret I’ve been looking for to remove a number of small items from their current “away position” on the kitchen table to under the kitchen table. Add to that a few odd-and-end items I would need for the holiday, and I left Target $124 poorer, but with an overfilled shopping cart.

Got the taboret up and running. Not quite as sturdy as I’d like, but the height is good, and there’s a limit of what can be manufactured for sale at $15.00. While I liked the “at arm’s reach and don’t need to bend down” set-up I had previously, there is a lot to be said for freeing up table space. I’ve not done “the Climbing Act”, as my Dad calls it, yet. Torchwood is on Saturday nights.

So far, so good.

Then I took a look at my left (injured) leg… it is black and blue all the way up and down the back of the calf. And I can feel it twitching. Yikes. Guess I should try that muscle relaxant med that didn’t do Jack Squat earlier… And by the way, now the right calf is getting tight where the left calf tightened up before it seized on me. (expletives deleted)

So, try to sleep doped up on muscle relaxant (which is supposed to knock me out, anyway?) and Naproxen, and pray that the neither calf will painfully cramp up at night.

Well, I survived the night. Calf is still black-and-blue, but a bit less than it was. Both calves are a bit swollen. But I’m not sure it’s bad enough to warrant heading back to the doctor’s office… Gotta see how the day goes…

Thought I was doing better… I have a social meeting today, but during the drive over (as a passenger), things started feeling worse again. Will probably end up back at the doctor’s tomorrow :frowning:

As far as the straightening up… The Other Half tends to complain about arthritis and back spasms if I ask him to do much more than the occasional clearing of the sink.

Huggles!!! I hope the pain eases up alot for you. I wish you Peace and Comfort too!