Two Omnipod 5 questions

I have been on the new system for about three weeks now, so I’ve been through more than a few pod changes (I change every two days or so). I am a little disappointed that the OM5 is not more aggressively bringing my overnight BG levels down. I woke up at about 150 this morning (target 110), and it was at that level almost all night long. Is there some setting that might make the system work a little harder to get me to 110 over an 8-hour period? Also, is there an app that will allow me to get my current IOB on my iPhone without having to go to the PDM all the time?


Can you increase your overnight basal?

That app used to exist, but ask @BradP.

I guess I should try that. My current basal seems to keep things steady, which it is supposed to do, but the system should work with that basal and bring things down, if I go high overnight. My problem, and I’m Type 2, is that sometimes my readings don’t move up until well after I’m asleep, and when they do, they usually stay steady at that level and are not being pulled down by the supplemental boluses given by OM5. Maybe I should be a little more aggressive on my overnight basal and depend on the system to keep me from going low.

From what i understand, what you put in initially is what the OM5 uses as a baseline, but over 2-5 pod changes, it increasingly ignores what you put in and learns what you need. Its based on total daily dose, so feel free to correct it along the way but ideally do not turn off the auto mode as it will not learn as well.

As far as apps that can show IOB, nothing does that currently other than the OM5 PDM. I myself use the Dexcom G6 app on my phone and but neither shows IOB.

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