Tylenol or advil?

When friend of mine was diagnosed she was told to take advil if she needed pain reliever, do not take tylenol.
I was told to take tylenol, do not take advil.
Why would that be? What do you take?

It shouldn’t make a difference unless there are other health conditions that doctors don’t want to aggravate. Things like liver/kidney problems, prior drug allergies etc. may have led to this recommendation.

Tylenol can cause liver toxicity. Advil can cause GI bleeding. You gotta love it.

I was told to avoid all NSAID’s like Advil and to only use Tylenol. Not Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs can stress my kidneys, which have some damage. Tylenol can cause liver damage IF you take more than 8 pills in 24 hours (read the label) otherwise it is safe, when used as directed. So it really depends on your condition.Tylenol actually raises the brains pain-threshold, whereas NSAID’s effect the area of discomfort directly, if memory serves me.