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Pvt hospital uses stem cell therapy to cure 6 diabetic kids
Posted on by Jean Beardsall
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In India a city-based private hospital today claimed to have cured six diabetic children by using stem cell therapy.

“We have cured six children suffering from diabetes type-1 by the use of stem cell therapy,” Dr Rohit Kapur, Medical Director & Heart and Diabetes Specialist in Carewell Super specialist Hospital, told a press conference here.

He claimed the stem cell centre in the hospital is the first of its kind in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Children suffering from type-1 diabetes have to remain dependent on insulin for whole life.

According to a study, out of every 100 diabetic patients, two children suffer from type-1 diabetes.

Like many others, I am always excited to hear news of a cure for T1. But as I dug into this, alarms went off. An original source article can be found here. This announcement was then forwarded by a "few" stem cell research advocates. Stem cell research in the US has been under constant attack from the right to life community and these advocates have been very aggressive.

But there are alarms about this announcement. This was a private hospital making a "media show" about this breakthrough. And only six patients. And performing human experimentation on children. That stuff would never get approved like that in the US. There is also no verification of any of the claims (and even the claims are unclear). This is just not how science is done. You don't experiment on children and then hold a press conference to announce your deed. And it is not clear how this differs from the more prominent news in 2009 in Time and which made claims of T1 (somewhat) reversal, but has not panned out. A more critical review found the direct a promising research area to pursue, but that is about it.


I agree, Brian. I would be very wary of a treatment that has not undergone any kind of true clinic study,double-blind tests, etc. Proper scientific procedure to test both efficacy and safety. Running experiments on children is just unacceptable.

Hi, can I have this doctor contact please as I suffer type 1 diabetic and depending on insulin… I will be gratefull to u if u can give me Dr rohit kapoor contact…

Thanks u