Type 1, 35, first pregnancy a1c of 9, anyone else have similar conditions and had healthy pregnancy?

I have recently found out I am 4 weeks pregnant, it wasn’t planned and have an a1c of 9. Before getting pregnant, I have been working to get the a1c down so I can qualify for a free pump from the government. So my numbers when I got pregnant were ok (7-13’s mmol/l, I’m in Canada), and have gotten better since then. I’ve read a lot about higher a1c’s causing a lot of defects and stillbirths and am so very scared I will not carry this pregnancy to term. I have excellent kidney health and the only other problems I have are neuropathy in the legs and feet and micro bleeds in the back of both eyes. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar pregnancy and had a healthy baby from it? I really want this baby so bad, I’m 35 and know I won’t be able to handle a pregnancy when I get much older. It scares me to tears to think of carrying a baby to 8 months and have a miscarriage.

Hi I have been diabetic t. 1 for 32 years. Two years ago I was pregnant and now I have wonderful son. He was born in 35 week, he was healthy ( 10 apgar score). I had excellent kidney health but I had retinophaty both eyes.
Now I and my son are still very healthly:)
good luck:)

Thanks for the reply! Did you have a natural birth or C-section? I've been told having a C-section can help prevent my eyes from getting worse from the pushing.

Hi, my a1c was 7.2 prior to getting pregnant, slight neuropathy in toes but otherwise was in good health going in.mi was also an “older” mother, turned 37 just before baby was born in February.

Overall, the baby helped my blood sugar for the first 6 months, get ready for many low blood sugars in first trimester and then they will creep up for the rest of the pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy I was considered high risk, and had lots of tests and they watched very closly for. The various defects caused by diabetes. The doctors did tell me that most of the diabetic defects would be seen by the end of the first trimester, and then we just concentrated in the size of the baby and her growth.

It was definitely nerve wracking, every time I had a high blood sugar I felt so guilty, and this helped to keep by glucose numbers in check throughout. I was not able to snack as much as many people seemed to think I should, and tried not to gain too much weight. On the good side, I got high definition ultrasounds every month and then constant monitoring meant that i got to “see” the baby often and I left these appointments knowing she was ok…

Baby was born very healthy!

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@Ewa,What was your regimen during pregnancy? pump?

Sorry I forgot my password I had C-section. How are you and your kids?

Sorry I lost my passport. I have pump since 2002 - medtronic 508 next 722. Before pregnancy my HbA1c was 5,8. Douring pregnancy my HbA1c was between 6.0 and 6.2. Now my son is ok and me too. After pregnency my health is very good. Now my HbA1c is 6.0 but now I have pump G640.